7.3.4 Skip Forward 10 seconds MUCH slower

Used to be blistering fast on Apple TV and Emby. So, I use the remote to click forward 10 seconds, and before, immediately, that thumbnail would come up. Now it’s delayed by a few seconds. So, if I click skip forward 6 times, what I see is no thumbnail changes until after I am done clicking for a bit and then the right thumbnail comes up. Used to be I’d see each of the 6 skip forward thumbnails so I could quickly decide to or not to keep going.

Can you do a speed test in infuse. Generally this is tied to how fast it can load the next data. What happens if you go backwards instead of forwards?

Ok, so, can’t right now (another person using it) but we’ve gone back to TVOS Emby until this is fixed. In Emby, it’s maybe .01 seconds delay to skip forward / back as we’re using it right now.

Sorry, forgot I had another. Same slowness on that one. Ran speed test, 94.5 Mbps.

Would you be able to upload a file you are seeing this slowness with so we can review it here?

I can if you wish, but it’s every single recording we’ve played since the update. I will extract a part of one later and upload it.