7.1 Poor Update

In this update Artwork for Tv Shows was touted and artwork for actors and the ability to see what movies actors are in.

  1. Why does the episode artwork not take up the whole hero section of the episode?? Why does it still show the season artwork? I think this is really silly. It’s the only media app that works like this. Netflix, Amazon, Plex, Apple TV all replace the hero image with the episode screenshot which makes for a lot better user experience. This update really did nothing special.

  2. Added actor images and the ability to see what other films/tv shows they are in. This simply does not work ever. If you select the actor, it only shows the movie you selected them in and not all the other movies and tv shows.

This is a seriously poor update that was hyped unnecessarily. Infuse, as great as we might think it is, is actually just so far behind in terms of features and functionality and it’s sad. No trailers either. Come on…

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Another issue I have is that Infuse is the only app that breaks tvOS UI sounds. As soon as I enter Infuze the UI navigation clicks stop working and I get random cuts in audio that cause my subwoofer to blowout air. This ONLY occurs when using Infuze. Please fix.

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Just to reply to your 2nd point, I thought the same initially but you have to wait for the background metadata update to happen before all the movies/films are linked to an actor. Once the update is complete it will show all the movies/tv shows that actor is linked to that are in your library :slight_smile:

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I see. Had to wait quite a while. Thank you.

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More important is that where is yet ANOTHER stupidly untested update that has succeeded in breaking numerous historical naming methods - causing an over run of memory that has wiped 2ATV’s metadata and stalled on trying to created a new large database - daft so called beta testers who test stuff with 6 movies and 3 tv series !!! The character naming ONLY works in the folder that the move is placed in - so if you have 1 movie folder per movie the character naming only shows that exact film …… what an absolute joke - AGAIN ……. Seems that James’ “sly grin” was just what he said …… repeated performance

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Are you browsing the library or by folders? I wouldn’t expect this to work if you aren’t using library.

Oh that just makes it even worse !!! Why on earth would anyone think that’s a good idea :joy: in my case - with 4,500 movies and 45,000 tv episodes using library is a non starter - I use dedicated folders for tv progs latest and archived, movies action/drama/comedy/sci-fi with sun folder for latest etc etc …… all accessible from favorise menu on Home Screen - perfect setup. Library view is very limited and is only good for small qty media. So yet again we revert back to a working scenario to a non working scenario - and before any makes a daft comment about why power users like me don’t beta test - James will admit to the issue of not having a centralised database which meant to beta test anything we have to go through several hours of rebuilding a new database every time - impossible task - today’s crap Ola has so far taken 6 hours and one of the ATV’s is just about on 45,300 out of 50,056 and it’s STILL got images to do after that !!!

Seems you already know the answer:

This is something we’re planning to explore, but it is not part of 7.1.

You can follow this thread for updates.

To clarify, Library and Library View are 2 different things.

Library is a single database that catalogs info about your videos. This allows for features like Search (and by extension search by Cast) to work.

Library View is a way to browse videos by category, release data, genre, etc… Some people like this, and some people don’t.

You can utilize the Library features while still choosing to browse using your own folder structures. To do this, you would simply need to ensure the desired items are selected in Infuse > Settings > Library. The Library Favorites and Lists can be removed from the Home Screen (if you prefer) without impacting the Library features.

Thats a completey irrelevant answer to the issues - you may be interested to not that this is now without doubt the WORST update yet - the database has now increased in size in my case my OVER 2.5GB but you have also succeeded in completely mothering the TVDB API with TOO MANY series now missing I have counted at least 15/20 at the moment (eg - go find Forky Asks a Question" - it now doesn’t even exist - I have gone from a fully working database that was fairly compact to an overblown one that is not able to access the titles of TV Series that were there yesterday but now cant be found … no WAY is it a TVDB issue … honestly cant quite believe how poorly tested this is AGAIN - WORST ONE YET ! And the headshot thing is just rubbish … if SEARCH works OK for ALL USER FOLDERS then the Headshot should also be able to access ALL USER Folders as well instead of just the same folder that you are clicking on it in - for someone that tells me you REALLY have your program to heart - how on earth can you make such an unadulterated cockup - THE DB and the size of it being a massive issue - my DB is 12.5GB and still growing as its downloading images - thats nearly DOUBLE the size it was yesterday !!! SORT IT !

The “Forky Asks a Question” videos appear to be classified as short films on TMDb.


TheTVDB has them listed as both a movie and TV show, which is a little atypical.


Yup - except your API doesn’t find them from either - “forky.asks.a.question.S01E01.mkv” found yesterday but not now …… many more like this as well - especially documentaries …… all since YOUR UPDATE ……

No point in looking on the web page to find them - it’s your API that’s bugged - I have 435 separate items that can’t be found since yesterday …. Equally bad is the size of the DB which is now so bloated that when it finishes - Apple firmware deletes the whole DB and you have to start compiling again - my 32gb ATV4 has wiped your DB now 3 times in a row - absolute damn disaster !!!

Hercule.Poirot .S01E01.mkv is another one - it exists on the tvdb and moviedb but your API does not find it.

It looks like both of these are classified as movies, so you will want to name them a little different in order to get the correct info. TheTVDB had them listed as series (dual listings in the case of Forky), but it appears that technically isn’t correct. IMDb also lists the Hercule Poirot films (like Death on the Nile) as individual films as well.

It’s unfortunate you had these files named as a TV series and they didn’t make it through the transition, but I guess it’s just as likely for someone to have had them named as movies and not run into any issues.

I was able to get metadata for both of these in 7.1 by using these naming styles.

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Thank you for this - I had already done that with Poirot but You are mistaken as TVDB has forky only listed as a series along with its S01Ex numbers !!!

HOWEVER MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS inconvenience is the fact that Infuse is now UNUSABLE - I’ve checked on my one 64gb ATV5 and the DB is now a whopping 19gb in size -that’s 10gb MORE than before the update making it IMPOSSIBLE to run on my other 3 X 32gb boxes !!! As I said - even running ATV with minimal apps and no screen downloads or media downloads the Apple firmware deletes the Infuse DB once it gets over about 12/13gb - and as you know this inbuilt facility cannot be turned off - I now have 3 Apple TV’s stuck in continuous loop of trying to compile their databases taking up an enormous amount of my bandwidth and rendering 3 of my TV’s now completely useless to me !!! This is just terrible James !

Why don’t you create a new thread for this? If the library is just ending up too big you may want options to disable all images? Or perhaps use a media manager such as plex so all the metadata isn’t cached all at once.

At least on iOS my metadata size didn’t increase noticeably with 7.1. (Cant check tvOS at the moment).

I thought it was just me having that problem I thought it was my Sound bar or Apple tv

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