7.1 metadata Series incorrect language

In 7.1 all metadata of Series is in English now instead of Dutch.
Movies are fine though and the info is in Dutch perfectly.

If I do a “edit metadata”, the Serie info is showing in Dutch correctly, but after confirming it, everything is in English.
I checked the series at TMDB and they are all available in the right language.
Already tried to delete all metadata and creating everything new again.
Also changed the option in Settings, Language, Metadata from “Automatic” to “Dutch”
No success. Movies info is OK and all in Dutch, but Series are not.

How can I show the metadata of my Series in Dutch again?

Can you provide an example of the series you are seeing issues with so we can look into this?

For example:
Clarice (1 season)
Spartacus (3 seasons)
Battlestar Galactica (4 seasons)

Hmm, I did a quick test with those 3 series here, and they appear to pull down the correct info in Dutch.

  1. What language is your device set to?
  2. What is the Metadata option in Infuse > Settings > Language set to?
  3. Do you have the Embedded Metadata option enabled in Settings > General?
  4. Are you using any external metadata files (XML/NFO)?

This also includes shows on TMDb with missing english season posters.


Does not have a season 1 English poster so infuse pulls the Hungarian poster. I don’t think that should be the behavior.

This is an interesting one. I think it’s going to be somewhat uncommon for an English series to be missing an English poster, but have a poster in a different language.

We’ll need to think about how best to handle cases like this, as in other cases you may actually want Infuse to grab that poster, even if it’s not in English.

For now, I’ve just added an English version to TMDb so Infuse should pick that up automatically in about a day.

Not uncommon with tmdb and I’m still finding more and more in my library

Please revisit my suggestion from a while back

I do not want foreign language posters on my English TV shows. If no English season poster exists it should fallback to the main show poster. If that doesn’t exist in English too leave it blank so that I can upload it to TMDb.

Alot of this metadata issues wouldn’t be issue s if we got rid of the season posters entirely and just use season selectors like apple tv/Netflix or all streaming services do. And it would save a lot of space not having to download season posters.

Thanks. Looking into this.

  1. My devices are set in Dutch
  2. Metadata option is set to Dutch (Automatic gives the same result)
  3. Embedded Metadata option is set to OFF
  4. There were tvshow.nfo files present for all series. To test, I deleted them all, removed the Metadata cache in Infuse, so the metadate cache was rebuild again. No change though.
    Then I removed all NFO files of the episodes. And after rebuilding the cache, the info is in Dutch now.

I seems like Infuse is ignoring the option to fetch Metadata, when there is old Metadata already present locally.
Thank you very much for looking into this and solving the issue!

Ah, that explains it.

Yes, if you have external artwork or metadata present for these files, then Infuse will use that to override the info it fetches from TMDb. This behavior has actually been around for awhile, though it’s something we may look at providing an option for in the future.

You can follow this thread for updates.

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