7.0.6 and 4k (1st gen) remote issue

What is happening now, and only in Infuse, is the remote seems to reverse when scrubbing. So, moving right on the trackpad actually takes you left on the timeline. For a while, then seems to correct itself until you try and move thru the next commercial break.

Anyone else notice this? Didn’t happen before 7.0.6

This version added support to do a circular scroll scrub similar to the new remote. So maybe something is it working quite right?

Yeah, think it broke existing remotes somewhat. If you pause video to skip commercial, then touch remote trackpad, you get a circle on the timeline, this is new. As long as the circle is there, moving right on the pad moves left on the timeline. And vice versa. But if you lift off the pad, and touch it again, circle goes away and it scrolls the correct direction. Not always, I think it depends how long you stay stationary, it’s really weird. Also, I have it on medium speed (the trackpad) in TVOS settings. If you change it to fast speed, it’s much worse.

Yes the way it works with the new remote is if you hold for a second or so it enacts the circle. For 1st gen if you make a circular motion does it work correctly? Otherwise don’t hold before scrubbing.

Will try, but if that’s the way it’s supposed to be for non new version remotes, it’s pretty hard to use and non functional.