650k library fails indexing

I have a remote Emby share I can connect to and manually navigate + play any content on, but I can’t search anything because the indexing always fails. I have no issues indexing smaller libraries up to 100k, it’s just this one large sucker.

It’s not a server connectivity issue since I can easily stream very large files with no issues.

(I’m mainly trying on my Apple TV but it failed on my iPhone as well.)

Any suggestions?

[Apologies in advance for not having a satisfactory answer.]

Not index such ginormous monolithic shares?
Maybe just index subdirectories of the share that contain content that most interests you?

Personally, while I can understand the attraction of “look, I’ve got everything!” … but if you can never find anything decent to watch because 99.998% of the index consists of stuff you’d never watch in a thousand years (a time period which, coincidentally, is approximately equal to how long you’d need to live in order to watch all the content available on an index so large) … are you really coming out ahead?

Ymmv, obviously, but I’d rather just stick to libraries that exclusively contain content I’d at least be willing to watch if someone else wanted to try watching them with me. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m not admin of the server, so I can’t do that unfortunately.

If you can browse the share, you ought to be able to only add specific sub-folders of it to the Infuse library. Unless there is absolutely no folder organization at all, which I’d find horrifying.

Click on Add/Edit Share, and only select specific folders under the main one to add. Anything added will be browsable, but only shared folders with a highlighted star get added to the Library.

Oh, I can browse the share and do that in settings… and I can check off all the others and have them index just fine. It’s just one of those that has 650k items in it.

Six hundred and fifty thousand! :exploding_head:

Wow no sorry I dont have any suggestions, surely there’s a memory/cache limit Infuse/ATV/iPhone can handle. Can’t imagine the devs planned for libraries that big!

Hello, what is the limit? because I’m getting closer to it all slowly too lol

I’d guess there are WAY too many variables in the metadata, artwork, and resolution of artwork for the videos and then even more variables on the device with number of apps, what they consume in space etc.

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okay thank you for your feedback, is infuse work to increase capacity or is it not planned at the moment?