[6.4.2] Apple TV subs

When trying to fetch new subtitles on the AppleTV I’m getting an error:
“Unable to access Opensubtitles. Check your internet connection and try again”

The infuse app on my iPhone (6.4.2) has no problems.
Both phone and Apple TV connected to the same WiFi with the same DNS.
Tried restarts.
What is causing this error and why is it different from those 2 devices?

Thank for the help :blush:

Sorry for the trouble.

If this happens again, can you please send in a report from your Apple TV so we can look further into this.

I’ll check in tonight if it’s happening again and upload the log.
(It has been happening for a week now actually, on both my 2 Apple TV’s)

It happens to me sometimes. The reason is sometimes I have bad internet.