6.2.2 Update - no metadata found

After the 6.2.2 update, newly added tv shows and movies can not find any metadata. Tried to restart Apple TV, but no luck.

Movies seem to be updating fine. Tv shows not updating the metadata. No changes have been made on my end since the update.

Might be related to the fact the status page (link at bottom left of pages in this forum) show that thetvdb which provides metadata for TV shows is currently having issues.

Thanks, I was unaware of the status updates!

I’m having the same problem. Two of my shows lost their metadata and are now titles as numbers.

I would still call this a serious Infuse bug even if it is triggered by an external site failure.

Yours sounds like a different problem. This thread seems to be about new files added that can’t find metadata which makes sense since the source for that is having problems. You may want to start a new thread that deals with shows that did have metadata and lost it and are now represented by numbers.

Now movies or tv shows will not play, saying an error occurred.

If nothing is playing on Infuse you may want to force quit Infuse and then restart the ATV and see if that helps.

Tried that, still not working in. My files are on google drive, but will not play in infuse as of this morning.

Can you play from any other source other than Google drive?

Google drive is my only available source. But I can play the movies directly in google drive.

Also tvdb is still down.

Yup, seems they’re still having problems at thetvdb.

You may want to start a new thread with your google drive problem so you don’t confuse others with two different problems and also get better responses specific for each.

For sure is TVDB, they have updated the web and probably there is an error or somnthg.
Infuse staff have to check why is not retrieving the metadata correctly

It’s not just infuse that is having difficulties. Other programs that use the same API are also having issues.

upgraded to infuse 6 earlier to fix the stuttering problem with infuse 5… it worked. but then spent a couple hours trying to figure out why none of my tv shows had any metadata. checked on this forum and found the sticky at the top saying theres an issue with tvdb itself.

i wonder if theres a way to have an important issue message flash across infuse itself in the settings page when theres something like this going on. would save people a lot of time trying to fix an issue thats out of their control…

I am having meta data issues too. Not only are newly added episodes not finding meta data but whole seasons cover art are disappearing replaced by a first frame for the season cover art. When you enter the season some seasons the episodes are displaying correctly whilst others have completely different TV show data inside. Really weird. I hope this issue resolves its self soon. My infuse is looking pretty sucky.

I’m having a problem also, my apple tv 4k is configured in english, but Infuse is pulling posters in foreign language for some tv shows. I get what seems to be the russian poster of the Mandalorian, german poster of The Little Drummer Girl and arabic poster for Penny Dreadful.

For the serie His Dark Material, I’m getting the grey generic folder icon.

For these four series, if I click on each, the poster then changes to the correct version.

TheTVDB is working and I can see a few english posters, why is it pulling the foreign version of those?

Thank you!

its on the sticky

"Update 11/17 - Things are starting to come back online, but may not be 100% yet. "

give it a bit more time to settle down.

This is spot on, it’s getting there but they are working on a new database structure from what I can glean and it’s a learning experience for them.