6.2.2 crashing

Support code is 2CHQB

Seems to be related to Plex only videos and not direct SMB. Anytime I try and play a movie from plex it freezes until I close out and go back in.

We’ll take a look into this.

Not sure if you’ve had a chance to look into this more but I think I’ve found more details for you. This only happens while using Plex libraries. I’ve noticed that this crash happens when playing a video and during playback there isn’t any read ahead progress bar activity. After it crashes and I close Infuse and restart the ATV, go back into the same movie and resume playback the read ahead progress bar will move forward. Right before it crashes I see no read ahead activity and then it crashes within a few mins.

We’ve looked into this a bit, but aren’t seeing anything really out of the ordinary in your logs.

Are you using Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

The one thing we do see is ​rather long buffering caused by slow transfer speeds. You might try restarting all units, including the router, and doing another test to see if this changes anything.

Ethernet. These issues started with TVos upgrade to 13, then 13.2 made it better for awhile and now back to Infuse crashing. Plex and network have been rebooted/recycled through troubleshooting.

As for your comment about buffering, if you read my comments above, this Infuse crash happens randomly when playing any file; Infuse for some reason just doesn’t buffer and the read-ahead progress bar doesn’t move. when I notice this happening, it takes several minutes before infuse crashes. the only way to fix it is to force close Infuse, reboot the ATV and then upon resuming the same movie, it will begin to buffer as I can see the progress move forward.

We’re not actually seeing any crashes in the report you sent in, but if it happens again please send in a report right after and hopefully the details will be there.

With regard to buffering, the network transfer speeds reported in your logs are rather low. For fun, can you try using Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet to see if that makes any difference? We have seen cases where a bad Ethernet cable can cause issues with slow speeds in the past.

I just had back to back instances of Infuse locking up/freezing with the ATV dropping signal to the TV. This occurred on two different videos. The first occurred approx 5 minutes in and then the screen went blank followed by the TV reporting loss of signal. After clicking on the Menu key it would regain signal and the video would reappear but as if paused. Clicking on the play button would resume on the first video but would almost instantly go back to the black screen and no signal. Code sent right after that was N4QJR

Started another video and it played fine for it’s entirety. Started a third and approx 21 minutes in it duplicated the same symptoms as the first with black screen followed by the no signal notice. Would allow the file to resume again with the press of the menu button and waiting for the signal to reappear. Then pressing play would resume the video. Diagnostic for that one is J27MG

All of this started after the update to 6.2.2

And another night of behavior as described above. Started a video and at about 7 minutes in the same thing occurred. Screen goes black and then the TV reports loss of signal. After pressing the menu button the screen comes back with Infuse encountered an error when trying to connect. Diagnostic code ZV1PF

Tried to continue, again same results . Diagnostic code RQPZ9

Started another video, got to about the 31 minute mark (with a total length of 43 minutes) and then the same but upon return to the screen it was at the folder level and show the video as completed. Diagnostic code QETKE

Haven’t been able to watch an entire video now for two days and it all started after the 6.2.2 update. Have restarted ATV and Infuse with no change.

Actually - it more than that … I have had several crashes now if you start an ongoing TV series from the “Watching Now” bar at the top. It will show a blank screen - it then crashes and restarts - if you then go to try the episode again it will tell you that you have already watched 15 odd secs of it (it will then play ok by clicking start from the beginning). Old story Im afraid of unsatisfactory Beta Testing. … BTW James - are we EVER going to get date of airing added to TV episodes ???

James I would seriously suggest taking the version down and going back to previous version for now - this is SERIOUSLY bugged !!!

We haven’t seen many reports of issues in 6.2.2, but if you are seeing trouble and would like to try the current 6.2.3 beta (or 6.2.1) drop a quick PM and let me know which app you are using (Infuse 6 or Infuse Pro 6).

For what it’s worth, I have both an 4K ATV and the 1080p version. On both my 4K ATV’s, 6.2.2 crashes. On my older ATV infuse 6.2.2 doesn’t. Same settings on both setups.

Can you try installing today’s 6.2.3 update, and let us know if this is still an issue for you?

James, I don’t see the 6.2.3 update in either iOS or ATV available to update?

Hmmm - nor do I :frowning:

It seems like 6.2.3 is taking longer than normal to become available in some regions.

Sometimes restarting your device, and then checking for updates can help speed things up.

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