6.0 Software

Hi everyone, got a ATV2 today and stupidly restored it in iTunes so now it has software version 6.0 on it.  Is there any hope that we will get an update for Seas0npass for this version or am I just pulling my hair out for nothing?


Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hopefully yes.

We’ll post any info we have as soon as it’s available.

in the mean time you can use ifaith and see if the shsh blob of your previous firmware version was saved. if so you can use seasonpass to downgrade it back. if you don’t have an shsh blob for the previous version then until the jailbreak for 6.0 comes out your only option is this jailbreak method in this thread here.

Can’t wait for the new version :slight_smile: still last tethered version which while work great would be nice to have an untethered (though not fused either way) keep up the great work :slight_smile:

I recommend you always use a fuse.