6.0.2 CAN be jailbroken

Like many here, my ATV2 somehow got updated to 6.0.2. And then I tried - many, many times - to crack it with the latest 5.3 Seas0n Pass.

I was trying on a MacBook Pro running 10.6.8. Sometimes I’d get about halfway there, followed by an error. Finally, after about 20 tries, I decided to try it on my desktop machine running Mavericks OS.

When I launched Seas0n Pass, it re-downloaded the 5.3 restore IPSW file. And then - to my surprise - everything worked. It all worked.

If you are having a rough time with 6.0.2, see if you can find a Mac pal running Mavericks. Worked for me - and I was pretty close to giving up. (Worked first time, too.)


Good luck.



You actually jailbroke it with 5.3 and not 6.0.2

This is because Apple just happened to be signing 5.3 at this moment.

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough.

The point I’m trying make is that there are many people - until recently, myself included - who have been unable to successfully run Seas0n Pass on ATV2s that are on 6.0.2 at the start of the process. This forum has a lot of posts from people in that boat.

For me, Mavericks was the thing, the only thing, that worked. Wasn’t trying to imply that my jailbroken ATV was running 6.0.2 with ATV Flash installed, only that I was able to successfully run Seas0n Pass and install ATV on an ATV2 that HAD been unintentionally upgraded to 6.0.2.


If you have been unable to crack 6.0.2 ATV2 running 6.0.2 but have success doing the install with Mavericks, please post your success story here.

Been away a while.

Do we yet have a method to save the 5.3 blobs with this untethered jailbreak?


One final ps: I did not have any saved firmware signatures (blobs) - a problem many on this forum have mentioned as being an issue.

You can use (ifaith 1.5.9 for  windows)


  You dont need blops becouse Apple is still “signin” 5.3     In an indefinite time frame, there will be no more signature for 5.3, and then  you will understand why the blops are important.



Over 1 year later, apple is still signing 5.3 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: