5 seconds video stutter after 1 min playback

My setup is Infuse Pro 6.4.2 on an Apple TV 4 (non-4K), the media files are located on a NAS server and a Mac mini 2010 is running Plex Server. Everything is connected using ethernet.

Regardless of the video file I’m playing the video will start to stutter for 5-7 seconds (I haven’t clocked it) after around 1 minute of playback. It happens consistently when I start to play a media file or if I resumes it after it’s been paused for a minute or two. Once these seconds of extreme stutter is passed the playback is smooth for the rest of the media file’s length (as long as I don’t pause or stop it). What could be the issue?

The stream cache is set to “automatic”. I only have 720p/1080p content encoded with x264, no extreme video bitrate, various audio codecs but nothing out of the ordinary. No performance issues on the network or playback issues when using other apps.

Sorry about that.

If you see this again, can you stop the video and send in a report from your Apple TV (via Infuse > Settings > Submit Diagnostics) and post the 5 digit code here?

Here’s the diagnostic code: Y4431

I stopped the video and sent the report after the stutter, around a minute after the last episode I watched had started.

Are there any updates or feedback for this issue as I have the exact same problem and it’s been this way for a few months now. I ignored it at first but it’s becoming annoying now.

I’m going to try power cycling my NAS, Router, aTV’s to see if this makes any difference.

I’m on the latest build of Infuse, with two aTV 4th gens, both stutter all media for a few seconds when I start them, like it’s catching up…

This is no longer an issue for me, or at least I haven’t noticed it for a few months (and it was very noticeable, I don’t think I just got used to it).

After I reported this I continued to have the issue for several months, I tried different network settings, different app settings, updated the app version etc. without a solution.

Since then I’ve replaced all my network hardware from Asus to UniFi. I have auto-update turned on so I don’t always notice right away if Infuse is updated and I didn’t do any comparison test before/after the network upgrade so I don’t know what actually fixed my issue and when it happened.

(just because I’m now posting saying my issue is fixed, I’m sure I’ll noticed a stutter after 1 minuter the next time I play something. :joy:)