5 Pro Seems To Be Having Difficulty Waking iMac when iMac goes to sleep

4 Pro does not have this issue, when a favorite is selected that has its’ share on the iMac the iMac wakes fine and opens that favorite. Without changing anything other that going to 5 Pro the same favorite will not open if the iMac has gone to sleep. If you then go and wake the iMac then 5 Pro will open the favorite.

The strange thing is that both 4 & 5 Pro wake the NAS. Only the iMac seems to not be aware of 5Pro trying to wake it.

This problem persists. I have shares on both a WDMyCloud NAS as well as on an iMac.

The NAS works fine but if the iMac goes to sleep Infuse 5 Pro shows and error when trying to access the favorites on the iMac share. If you go to the iMac and wake it then Infuse 5 Pro works fine.

James, I’ve found another work around with Infuse if you’re interested.

Infuse 4 Pro, does not have this issue with identical shares and favorites. Nothing has changed on the iMac. The only change has been from 4 Pro to 5 Pro.