5.7 - sort order Plex library & collections

Love the integration with Plex: managing metadata is so much easier while retaining the power of Infuse to read the files!

Little glitch for me though: in my Plex metadata, I use the “Sort title” field to accurately sort my movies (for example not taking into account the “le” in French titles).

It doesn’t seem to be taken into account, does it?

Another little annoyances: Plex collections do not work at all for me.

Same here, using SortTitle myself almost everywhere in aplex.

Would be great if that would be considered in next Release

Collections will be available in a future update, but Sort Title is actually available in 5.7.

Can you confirm you have connected using the ‘Connect to Plex’ option, and not through the auto-detected DLNA share found in Settings > Shares?

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply. Happy to see that the collections are coming soon. Adding Plex is already a great new feature! I am glad to support you guys!

I can confirm I am not connected through DLNA.

However, I noticed that the sort title seems to not be taken into account when it is modified in Plex after the movie has been added to Infuse. Or maybe there is a way to force a refresh.

And I noticed as well that my initial remark was not correct: sort title is indeed working when first adding a Plex library. My bad.

After you changed the sorttitle on Plex, you can euther refresh single item metadata from the iteminfo screen or refresh complete cashed metadata from settings

Refreshing individual metadata did it. I did not succeed when trying to refresh all at once.

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