5.7 Home screen too cluttered

Just upgraded to 5.7.

The old menu screen was simple and uncluttered, movie art at the top and my customised favourite icons at the bottom.

The new 5.7 release home screen is super cluttered. I have the same watching/recently added movie art at the top but then I have recently added movie posters below (do I really need this twice?). I then have genres, unwatched TV shows and then top rated movies.

I’m open to changes but can you give me the option to get rid of all the messy rows I don’t need. One of the main reasons I moved to infuse after being a Kodi fan for many years was the simplicity I could get without mass amounts of tweaking.

You can remove everything and make it look as before. In Library → Movie / TV Show. → Longpress any stared item and use Remove from List

You can read everything here

I can’t see any option to remove the top rated movies list. There is no such list in the library (It’s not the “by rating” list).
Did someone managed to remove it?

Library>Movies>By Rating>Top 30 Long press on “Top 30”

Didn’t realize there are nested favorites :slight_smile:

And especially how to manage the new Home Screen can be found here

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Thanks, this would be a lot easier if the settings had a section called ‘home screen’ rather than nesting these settings elsewhere. I had no idea these settings were available.

I don’t think of library and home screen as the same thing.

Yeah, I had to add the Library to the Home screen…to then be able to delete the lists…and then remove the library again.

I used to have just 4 nice favourites on my home screen…without the heading…just the 4 simple icons.

I’ve always wanted these to be bigger (I think you said somewhere on Twitter that this was going to happen) instead of the HUGE Infuse logo…but instead, with 5.7…I get the word “Favorites” (US spelling) and the icons are pushed over to one side.

I’m a simple guy. I like a simple interface. I’ve turned of unwatched counts (I don’t need to be told what I’ve watched) and all the other lists…but it’s looking untidy now.

Please excuse the poor photo. But can we have a simply screen for us simple folk? :slight_smile:


So almost a year later…and Infuse v6 has come out…and I still only have 4 icons on my main screen on the Apple TV. I just wish there was a size setting, so if I selected “Large” for example, I could have my icons take up more space than the word “Infuse” does.

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