5.7.6 Upscaling

Hi. Can you give some more information about this? I thought, AppleTV internals did it in the past.

Infuse 5.7.6 uses a new, proprietary algorithm which includes some Lanzcos-inspired elements. This is implemented in our super-efficient Metal video rendering layer to provide a noticeable improvement when playing under-sampled videos (EG 480p on a 1080p TV, or 1080p on a 4K TV).

The new upscaling is available on all A9 and later devices (both tvOS and iOS).

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Could you please upload some kind of sample picture before the improvement and after? I’m very interested in reviewing this improvement!

Before & After


Hilarious :smiley:


So no upscaling benefits for people with the 4th gen Apple TV with the A8 chip ? :frowning:

Unfortunately the GPU in the 4th gen doesn’t support the features required for the new upscaling. :frowning:

I made some test “screenshots” with my Apple TV.

  • Apple TV 4K 32 GB
  • Sony KD-43XF7596 (UHD HDR compatible TV)
  • Video File: Dolby Amaze Lossless 1080p (Dolby Atmos demo video, 19th second of video clip)
  • “Screenshots” made by a camera, I don’t have any other way of capturing my screen with the Apple TV, should work anyways

I watched the same footage with Infuse and Plex as competitor. As far as I know Plex doesn’t have any upscaling going on besides the one used by default on the Apple TV 4K. So theoretically it’s Infuse 4K upscaling vs default Apple TV 4K upscaling (actually UHD because of the ratio, but that’s a different story).

See attachments. In my experience also when comparing both to each other it doesn’t seem to be such a big difference. The bigger difference almost seems to be the colours, the video File is not in HDR so I’m not sure what causes the color difference. It seems more saturated on Infuse, maybe it’s just the timing because I’m not able to stop both videos exactly at same time, the 19th second.
You can have a look for yourself and share your own opinion. But in my eyes it’s not a huge difference and not even close to native 4K video files.





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