5.6 upside-down iPhone video

Recently (I guess since 5.6) all vertical videos from an iPhone source play back rotated 180˚.

The thumbnails in the NAS folder are the right way up, although these were created prior to installing 5.6, but the “watching” section has the videos upside-down after they’re played.

Is this a known issue? Every single vertical video I’ve tried does this, although iPhone videos recorded in landscape are fine.

Infuse Pro 5.6
Synology NAS via SMB.

We’d be happy to take a look at this.

Any chance you can send in one of the affected videos so we can review it here?

I have the same issue. My movies of the kids wich was taken by an iphone in vertical mode shows upside down both in thumbnails and when I play them. Nerver been like this before, Came in the recent update.

I have the setup:
Infuse pro 5.6
Synology nas via SMB.

Hi James,

Got around to uploading a small sample clip, and confirmed that this plays upside down in Infuse.

Got it.

We’ll take a look.

I’m having this same issue. Most portrait thumbnails and videos are flipped upside down.

Any solution yet?

Same for me. New to Infuse Pro (5.6.6) and in the trial period. Wonder if it’s something with the EXIF data and the “Rotation” field not being properly honored. It seems like any video I’m having the problem with has the Rotation at 90 degrees - maybe the bug is it’s being rotated 90 the wrong direction?

I’ve got this error too. Some iphone videos and thumbnails being shown upside down.

Same here…

FWIW. I made a new thread for this issue in the iOS section if anyone is interested.

We’re looking into this and hope to have a fix included in 5.6.7.

Fix confirmed for 5.6.7. :slight_smile:

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