5.6.9 SMB Connection

We’ve just released 5.6.10 with a number of fixes for SMB, as well as an option to manually select which version of SMB Infuse connects with.

Simply installing 5.6.10 should resolve a number of reports that we have seen come through, but if that does not work for your particular case you can manually adjust the the ‘SMB Version’ setting which is available when editing your share’s settings, or when creating a new share.

Here’s the available settings and what they do.

  • Auto (default) - Connect with the highest level of SMB supported by your device.
  • SMB3 - Connect with SMB3 only
  • SMB2 - Connect with SMB2 only
  • SMB1 - Connect with SMB1 only
  • Legacy - Connect using the old SMB implementation from Infuse 5.6.8 and earlier (SMB2 and SMB1 only)

One note, SMB3 has an optional encryption feature which adds an extra layer of security. However, in some cases having this enabled can lead to lower performance due to the added security overhead. If you are using SMB3 and seeing slower than expected speeds, you may try disabling “Transport encryption” (or similar) on your server. This will allow you to take advantage of the improved connection security of SMB3, but with the same speeds as SMB2.