5.6.9 SMB Connection

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same issue here, since 5.6.9, i can’t connect to my Share Windows. I send to you my diagnostic. Waiting a solution, maybe with 5.7 ?

Hmmm I did not have playback issues before the update. Only thing that was sluggish was 10 sec skip on UHD/HDR files. That would normally take anywhere from 1-5 sec but usually on lower end. Since skipping in movies is not used much, it’s not that big of a deal but it is interesting that with the upgrade, and forcing Synology to use use maximum SMB3 and minimum SMB2, skips take a lot longer - ~ 10 sec.

When I switch it back to SMB2/SMB1, short skip times return. I’ve done this several times, on same files, at same point in time and I can replicate it every time. Again, this is not necessarily a big deal for me but it is weird that it is slower with higher SMB version.

It’s definitely something wrong with new SMB implementation, connectin became more unstable (especially with UHD HEVC backups, buffering time increased, also buffering is appearing after every few minutes of playback), scaning of folders became a lot more longer. As I mentioned above, there are also big problems with Windows 10 LAN shares, it became unaccessible. I think after new major SMB modifications, should be something like “compatability mode” in options, so users can use old implementation before the new one will work normaly, because we have to wait a couple of weeks before new version.

Also I noticed, that UHD HDR HEVC backups are now playing with stuttering without autoframerate enabled in ATV options, in 5.6.8 playback was perfect with, or without enabling autoframerate in ATV options.

P.S. Sent diagnostics report.

Hi James,

I totally agree with @lito2, I’m having the same problem too.

I was able to play these demos below smoothly on Infuse Pro v5.6.8 but after upgrading to v5.6.9, the videos took a long time to buffer at the start and then started to buffer again after playing every fews secs via SMB protocol.

I tested the same videos with FTP protocol on v5.6.9, the demos were playing smoothly. These demos were streaming from my Synology DS214Play NAS.

I’m on 5GHz wireless LAN but when I tested my connection via SpeedTest on ATV4K (32GB), I’m getting 230Mbps down, 550Mbps up & 6ms ping so I don’t think it’s my connection problem.

By the way, my ATV settings are 4K HDR (60Hz), Chroma 4:2:2, both Match Dynamic Range & Match Frame Rate are ON.

Hi all -

Sorry for the trouble.

We’re looking into a few issues that have been reported with the new version, and plan to have an update available shortly - but in the meantime you may try the following workarounds which may help.

  1. If you are not able to connect to your share at all in Infuse, then you may try setting up a new share using the computer or NAS IP address instead of its network name.

  2. If you are able to connect, but are seeing buffering or slow speeds then you may try and force your device to use SMB2 instead of SMB3. Please refer to your device’s manual for how to do this.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Hi James,

Just an update.

After reading your workaround, I realized that in my Synology NAS settings, under File Services > Advanced Settings > Maximum SMB & Minimum SMB protocol, both were set to SMB1 (I didn’t know of such settings until now).

After changing the Maximum SMB protocol to SMB3, I’m able to stream the videos smoothly now as I don’t get that much buffering as before :slight_smile:

BTW, while on v5.6.8, I didn’t even changed the SMB settings, both were set to SMB1 and I didn’t noticed any buffering while the videos were playing. I guess v5.6.9 still need some tweaking :wink:

Hey that’s great!

In general, SMB1 has a much lower performance threshold (and it’s way less secure) than 2 or 3, so using one of the newer versions is recommended anyways.

hi James, i use IP address to repace my hostname (Windows Share) and it work !


SMB connection in 5.6.9 is definitely broken for me. After update I immediately began experiencing buffering and stuttering (pause and spinning icon on the screen). All prior versions of Infuse have worked perfectly, so the new SMB implementation is most certainly NOT improved, James.

My setup: ATV4 32G, wired gig ethernet, SMB connection to Drobo 5N2

Unfortunately, I don’t think I can change SMB settings on my Drobo, so I’m pretty much hosed. Hope you guys have an update soon, because in it’s current state Infuse is unusable for me. Is it possible to go back to version 5.6.8?!?

You need to make sure you submit a problem report with relevant logs so that inFuse can try and identify why you are having a problem.

It is strange that most people see a distinct improvement in performance with the 5.6.9 release but there are quite a few reports reporting the opposite. The problem is going to be to identify what is the difference between those for which things work well and those seeing performance issues.

Same issue here. I’m using a QNAP TVS-871 with a few ATVs 4K. I tried the SMB2 work around, no change. I hate to ask, but is there an ETA for a fix?

Maybe people are tired to send error reports. for last 2 months i couldn’t finish a movie from start to end.

with the new version(5.6.9), when i try to watch a movie it is buffering at least 3 times in twenty minutes. and than i lost connection. when i lost the connection it takes 10 minutes connect again. i hate to see “an error occurred loading this content” error. but in a movie 4-5 times i see this message.

infuse 5.6.9 - macbook pro (2016) - apple tv 4k

Same issues for me. The workaround I found that may apply to you is to use a Plex Server on your Mac. Works flawlessly :slight_smile:
I’d be glad to read if it works for you. Cheers.

Really thanks for the advice. Do i need to buy Plex Premium or free one is enough? And will i use it with Infuse or with Plex app (on apple tv).

Btw if i use with Plex app, why i bought Infuse :open_mouth:

Tonight i will try :slight_smile:

Just get the free Plex Server and use it as DLNA - no need to buy anything else (:
Plex Client is not as cool as Infuse - a lot of issues especially around useless transcoding while Infuse just plays everything straight.

Thanks again nc, tonight i will. I hope it works :slight_smile: i will let you know. Thanks.

Same issues here on my Mac and aTV 4k - a lot of stuttering/buffering (like every two minutes for about 10 seconds) that never happened before - please fix this!

Edit: the Workaround over Plex/DLNA works for me, thx.

Yeah, I am using NFS, but have noticed that Synology doesn’t default to the highest SMB version. On mine it was default on SMB2 and I had to manually change it to SMB3. Go figure…

Maybe Infuse should make it very clear that you need to make sure that SMB3 is enabled/available on your server, in order to take advantage of the SMB improvements.

So after 2 weeks is there an update to this stuttering problem over SMB? I can’t sit through a 4K movie without it buffering every 2 mins. Everything was perfect before the update!

The MKV file is on an external HDD connected to my router via USB3.0…SMB over wired connection(ethernet cable) to ATV 4K…like I mentioned everything was working well before the update to 5.6.9…there is no way for me to swtich to SMB2 or SMB3 as my router does not have the function(Asus AC68U)

Please come up with a fix fast!