5.6.8 update cover art now showing back covers

Just updated to 5.6.8, and about 2/3’s of my cover are is now wrong - its showing the back cover of the disk, not the front, and occasionally the front cover is wrong.

I deleted and re-added the shares, but its the same thing…

The meta date and background images seem correct.

Files are mkv’s in their own folder - both the folder and mkv are named as in The Move Database with the year in parens.

On 5.6.7 everything was correct.

it is wrong on all my devices, not just the apple TV

What is going on?

Is this with movies that were already in your library or ones you added? I haven’t added anything today, but all my previous movies (a ton) are fine with no back images. I’ll add some new ones and see what happens.

I just discovered the issue - there were invisible jpg files in the folders, created by MyMovies collection manager - and Infuse must use jpg’s in the directory? I deleted the invisible files and deleted the infuse meta data, and it corrected

The files were names something like “mymovies-coverart-back” as well as “front”

As b is before f, I presume it found the back file in the folder first…

Yeah, you can put JPGs into directories with a movie, and it will display that artwork instead of the artwork it pulled down with the meta data. I don’t know for sure, but I would bet your alphabetical hunch is the right one.

Is there an option to ignore local scraped content that I’m missing? If not, I suggest there should be as infuse is likely the 18th attempt people like us are trying for streaming content locally, and goodness knows what garbage is left behind by other media solutions…even my MyMovies clean up feature left these invisible files behind…