5.5 and Library

Hi. A couple of questions on this great update:

  1. Love the new UI for files and library, but would like the feature to use the library for just local files. Would be great feature to have this as an option.
  2. Does the library setting when a network drive is setup and has a checkbox transfer across cloud config - so I cannot have a different setting for my iPad and my ATV?


Thanks! Glad to hear you are enjoying it so far. In response to your questions…

  1. We’ll be enabling Library for local files in 5.5.1 which we’re working to have available in the next few days.

  2. When using Infuse Pro, saved shares and favorites will sync between iOS and Apple TV. However, Library settings (which items are indexed by the Library) will sync only between like devices (iOS to iOS / tvOS to tvOS). IE You can have one set of Library Settings on Apple TV, and another set on your iOS devices.

Great - thank for the quick reply!

New local library so quickly - thanks.

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