5.5.4 BIG BUG with 4K Dolby Vision LG 65C7V

I have a LG OLED 65 inch Dolby Vision 65C7V and an Apple TV 4K. My Apple TV 4K have Dolby Vision output.

With version 5.5.3, all my 4K movies worked very well, whether in H264 or H265 with HDR. The Dolby Vision worked very well and the colors were perfect!

But … Since 5.5.4, the colors are no longer good, there is like a white veil in front of the picture.

It’s crazy to see something that worked very well and that now no longer works at all!

Please go back to version 5.5.3 quickly or make a release with a return to normal.

Test your application before putting it into production! It is very unpleasant not to be able to watch any movie!

The same problem for movie Full HD or BR … and I can’t downgrade to 5.5.3 !

And it’s the same problem if I put my Apple TV 4K on 4K HDR

Infuse are now unavailable for me ! Bad day and bad news !

Sorry for the trouble. A few things here.

We’re working to add full HDR support so HDR colors will display properly, but this is not yet available in 5.5.4 (or 5.5.3).

When viewing SDR content it’s best to leave the Apple TV set to an SDR resolution, as Apple’s current implementation of up converting SDR to HDR is less than idea and can result in blown out whites and crushed blacks. More info on this here. Apple TV 4K review: so close, so far - The Verge

Lastly, if you’d like to join the TestFlight beta you would have the ability to re-install 5.5.3 and compare it with 5.5.4. I’m not sure you are going to see much of a difference, but drop me a PM if you are interested.

Thank you James for your fast reply. See my MP.

Join sample Video output on Apple TV 4K with my dolby Vision TV


I changed my video output to 4K SDR to try, I saw that the colors are good!

After trying some movies, I put on 4K Dolby Vision … and now it’s like before, the colors are again good!

This may be a tvOS problem or when upgrading version 5.5.4 … so if you have a color problem with your Apple 4K with Dolby Vision, change to 4K SDR and go back to 4K Dolby Vision.

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