5.3 working - worth it to downgrade to untethered?

Hi all,


I just got a used ATV2 today (came with firmware 5.2), and ended up doing the following:

  • Upgraded firmware to 6.0 (whoops!)

  • Downgraded firmware to 5.3

  • Performed jailbreak with Seas0nPass 0.9.4 and iTunes 11.1.1


I have no idea if there are any “blobs” availale from earlier firmware versions… but I have a question:  should I try to get the ATV downgraded further to an earlier firmware, so that I can have an untethered jailbreak version on there?  Is that even possible?

you had the gold and you turned it to a bronz B-)   you could downgrad if you saved the blobs. if not there is no way .

check if the blobs is saved  first otherwise stay with 5.3

Which software is the best to use for working with blobs - iFaith, TinyUmbrella, or something else?


Working with?.. I don’t know. Seeing if you have saved blobs?.. iFaith.

This is probably a n00b question, but I can’t just go into iTunes and do a factory restore to 5.0.2 with a downloaded .ipsw file, and then re-jailbreak after that… can I?

Ifaith but I suggest do little reading to understand the process

I’m not sure where your reference to version 5.0.2 comes from since you said that you just received a 5.2, but if you did not save the signatures for the version you just updated, you are stuck with a TETHERED 5.3 jailbreak at best.

If you have a PC, download the latest version of iFaith, 1.5.9, follow the menu items and check to see if you have any 5.2 signatures saved.  

If you only have a MAC, right click on the “Create IPSW” in Seasonpass and choose 5.2.  If you get a message saying that you are “ineligible for this version,” you are probably out of luck.  However, before you give up entirely and succumb to the tethered jailbreak, try to download an IPSW for each of the Untethered versions possible with Seasonpass.  Since you know nothing about the history of that Apple TV, you might get lucky and find that a version previous to 5.2 was saved by a previous owner.  

Good luck!

iFaith 1.5.9 gets hung up on the Exploitation stage - sits there at the “Waiting for Apple TV 2” status.  

I also tried TinyUmbrella, but it just yelled at me and told me that Apple is not signing any versions of the software, and there’s nothing to be found on the Cydia servers.

I guess I could try to download the older IPSW files and try to re-jailbreak, but I wonder if it’s even worth screwing with that and instead just living with my tethered 5.3 jailbreak.  Guess I could always just sell this unit on eBay and try to look for another ATV2 that might have the older blobs.  :frowning:

(DAMMIT!!  Stupid self.  Should have read more before rushing to slap 5.3 on the ATV so I could follow the Seas0nPass tutorial.)

fritzk3, there’s a lot of good advice being given to you, you should read it.

i.e. Use Ifaith to see if you have any saved blobs, if you do, you can use seasonpass to jailbreak to any of those.

Like I said… I can’t get iFaith to work.  It always hangs at the third step of the process (Exploitation).