5.3 UNTETHERED Video and Audio Issues

Hope these get solved.

My ATV is not really watchable like this…

Others have the same experience?


no issues and I’ve been using it for a few hours now

same issue with yours…audio is out of sync and video quality freezes. When I revert back to tethered jb, it works find.

Yep 5.3 untethered is a complete fail (at least for now)  I upgraded 3 units (unfortunately) before realizing this and am experiencing the same audio/video issues on xbmc as everyone else.

for me it works let me explain the trick as i have to reinstall 4 times .

1 >simply 1st upgrade and tethered jb ATV 2 

2 >Boot Tethered via sp

3 >Upgrade Nito TV but dont install untether

4 >Install XBMC and reboot

5 >After reboot now install Un Tethered

6 >Reboot again

7 >Now install Add-on and other stuff.


Hope it works for Every one same as me.

Did not work.  I noticed no difference in performance.

you using xbmx 12.3 or 12.2 frodo?

The latest that comes with the Nito Installer which I believe is 12.3.

follow this http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO:Install_XBMC_on_Apple_TV_2#ATV_5.x to install manually as nito have old version which isnt working for you.

Are you saying that this issue is related to XBMC version 12.3…and that the issue does not exist if earlier versionsof XBMC are used?

Yes as 1st time i installed simply then i face same issue but then i try to re install as same procedure it works for me.

Question: those of you who are having issues, have you installed XBMC through Nito?  Does Nito have 12.3 or 12.2?

And those of you who are not: what about you?  What XBMC version are you running, and where / how did you get it?

just installed nito and instaled the untethered and everything smooth but i started to experience freez 


I had the same issues and decided to go through the Jail Break process again (Yes, the intire process including Tethered Jail break, Tethered boot, install XBMC etc…) It actually resolved the video and sound issues.

Try it, it should work.

fdmho: what method did you use to install XBMC?  NitoTV?  Or other?

You can use Nito Installer to install XBMC, it will work.

Hi Guys,

My observations suggest the video stuttering and audio issues are only the hd content.

Im having no issues with sd content can people confirm.

and is there a way we can change the video player in xbmc?

surely there is a way u can with droid?

as i rekon that a simple video player change will fix these issues?

let me know darren

Oh and i sorted the xnmc resetiing itself just re applied the untether.


it’s happening in every add on in xbmc, even the low quality porn clips

not for me its not

only in hd

i installed tethered jailbreak from with seas0npass then i added atv flash then i added nito from flash couch surfer from flash then xbmc from flash

then i went in xbmc added fusion and did the hub wizard then i did the updates and added xunity installer and installed xunity wizard then i shsh some other zips like sportings streams driving mule etc to the home folder then i installed them

after that i went in nito and installed the untether