5.3 SHSH blob saving help

So i just updated my appletv 2 to 5.3 without any issues. But i am now trying to save the Blobs as i never even knew i had to do this. Ive been jailbreaking ios devices since they first JB an apple product and never paid attention to this SHSH saving as i was lucky enough to never encounter problems :slight_smile:


Anyways what i have tried so far.

Used Tinyumbrella (Mac) uncheked save all possible SHSH and also Cydia option, as i was told to do so on other forums and youtube… but nothing happens. 

Forgot to mention also tried using latest version of Seasonpass by right clicking create IPSW and nothing happened as well


Anyone here have any luck saving their 5.3 Blobs?

Here’s a case where it’s really best to get iFaith 1.5.9 on a Windows machine (ask a friend if you don’t have one handy) and save it that way.  You don’t even need to bring your ATV2, just simply have your ECID handy.

That way you ensure you have it.   

I believe TinyUmbrella is no longer being supported.

Thanks for your quick reply ped. I will try and get a hold of a windows machine and keep you posted on my results. 

Thanks again!

Hey Ped, So i have access to a windows machine, 

When i connect the appletv 2 via micro USB windows attempts to install the drivers but is unable to because it says my devices is in recovery mode… I thnk i had this same issue before. 


Any suggestions?

You are selecting which option on iFaith?

You should be selecting “show available SHSH blobs on iFaith server(s)”

Then it will connect to your ATV2, but only to get it’s ECID


oh i ws clicking dump SHSH blobs lol


once i have the ECID do i need to do anything or will it all be ok after?


Also will this method saved them locally ie: my desktop in a folder? 

Yup, if the defaults are not changed, it shoudl be downloading to your users/<username>/documents/.shsh folder.

As you can see from my other post, don’t ask me how to upload them to cydia or iFaith servers… I never have luck with that.

Burn them to a CD/DVD to keep them safe, at least what I do in addition to copying it to a home NAS.

UPDATE:  Seems it’s right in the user’s directory itself.  Not under docs.  Just checked where it put mine.

so… /users/<username>/.shsh folder, where <username> is the windows login account name.


oh thats ok, id prefer to keep them locally, im not very familiar with the whole cydia/ifaith server and stuff. 

The only thing like i mentioned when i click the right option in ifaith, i get an error saying something about hooking itunes? also is there a reason my appletv is in recovery mode after being JB and having XBMC installed? When connected to the Tv its perfectly fine, but connected to a windows pc its in that mode…

Yup you’re fine. The PC puts it into DFU mode either because of iTunes or iFaith. But as it’s untethered and you can connected it to the TV fine, there’s nothing to worry about.

You should be all set if iFaith said it was successful.

FInally after click cache server button soething popped up… Now i have 3 options


  1. fetch the latest SHSH blobs apple is actively signing

  2. Submit SHSH blobs to cydia for this device. 

  3. Show list of available SHSH blobs on TSS server(s)


Keep in mind i never saved before. But figured like everything else i would like to have a copy on my desktop… so which option? 


  1. fetch the latest SHSH blobs apple is actively signing


is the right option because Apple is signing the 5.3 at the moment

if you use iFaith 1.51 or newer it will upload your iFaith shsh for you to the iFaith server.

You don’t have to do anything for this process it’s automatic.

Thank you Chevy45, Ped and Hotbird for all your help and responses!

So i managed to finally save my Appletv 5.3 Blobs, and this may be a dumb question, but my sister also has a AppleTv i recently updated to 5.3. I was wondering if me saying my blobs was good enough and didn’t need to save hers? Or does (im pretty sure i know the answer) each AppleTv need its seperate blobs saved…

Each one needs it’s own, no tradsies.

encountered something wierd myself!

i managed to jailbreak my apple tv 2, 6.0.2, with seasonpass down to 5.3 (downgrade), but when i used ifaith (1.5.9)

i was able to get shsh blobs 5.0.2,5.1,5.2 “NOT 5.3”, “NOT 6.0.2”, 6.1.4, 7.0.4, 7.1 b1+b2


soo… im running a jailbroken ATV2 on 5.3, but i can not save the shsh 5.3, and i’ve been on 6.0.2 and i can not save that either??

am i missing something?

5.3 = IOS 6.1.4


look here: http://forum.firecore.com/topic/3418


with iFaith 1.5.9 you can save your shsh locally - there are many threads about - just search and read!