5.3 JB gives me iTunes restore script failed

I have an Apple TV2 (yes it really is a ver 2) running 4.3 so I did the download of the 0.9.3.  On the Win7 I get to the point that is says found in DFU mode but then fails saying not found in dfu.  So I went to my Mac running the latest 10.9.1 and iTunes 11.1.3.  Download the same 0.9.3 and it all goes thru the process andand again asks for dfu and says found in dfu then says iTunes restore script failed, selecting IPSW in Finder… but just stays there.  I click the Done but it did not update it to 5.3.  Any suggestions?  Do I need an earlier version of iTunes?

Restore the apple tv first using itunes.  Then go ahead and run the new season pass.  

But won’t that put the newer 6.whatever on it?

That’s fine as long as Apple is still signing 5.3 and that’s what seasonpass will install.

Ok, thanks.  But in the mean time, I decided to totally start over and when closing screens, found a waiting prompt to to allow Seasonpass in security accessibility so I turned that on.  Then JB went fine, except I would just get apple logo on startup then black screen with blinking light when hooked to TV.  So did all again using the 0.9.3 and same thing.  It says all done and the iTunes script ran fine, etc.  Then decided to try the current Seasonpass and it all worked and never called up iTunes.  All set and running fine.  Finally got HBOGo.:(  Thanks for input guys.

0.9.3 Seasonpass jailbreaks version 5.3 tethered.  So you would have a black screen and blinking light until you performed a tethered boot.

0.9.5 Seasonpass jailbreaks version 5.3 untethered.  So no tethered boot needed.

This is why I did the 0.9.3 first:


Note: Apple TV 4.3 or earlier will require Seas0nPass 0.9.3. Download: Mac | PC


But all is working.  Now just to get XBMC working again…


Ahh, but you weren’t jailbreaking to 4.3 you were jailbreaking to 5.3, you didn’t need to use the 0.9.3 first. The 0.9.3 would have been required if you were jailbreaking to 4.3  I can see where you got confused though. Congrats on getting it working.