5.2: Maintenance App keeps moving

I’ve been happily jailbroken on AppleTV 5.0.1 for a long time.  With the news of the 5.2 jailbreak I eagerly updated via Seas0nPass and installed ATVFlash.  Working great, thanks FireCore!

One native feature I was really looking forward to was “Arranging icons on the Main Menu” (which came with 5.1.)

Anyway, I’ve arranged my icons the way I’d like them to stay. But no matter what I do, FireCore’s “Maintenance” app keeps moving back to the second line, second spot. I’ll move it back to the end of the second line (ie: the fifth spot) or maybe to the last spot (bottom right) and before long (a reboot forces it) I notice it’s repositioned itself right back to that second line, second spot again.

What’s going on here, and is there a way to get the Maintenance app to stay where I tell it to?

I see this too, they keep resetting back to the same position - very annoying!

Same thing happens with Media Player and Web Browser (Couch Surfer) I’ve learned.  Basically, anything ATVFlash installs doesn’t respect the users’ preferences for icon placement.  Surely this can be fixed?

It is a shame that the thread starter never got a reply. This problem seems to persist. Is there a fix? Thanks.