5.2: Can you still get it?

I need to update my Apple T.V. from 5.1.


Can I still get 5.2 or do I have to go straight to 5.3

This thread will apply to your question… http://forum.firecore.com/topic/10678

Pay special attention to the first answer given (post #1)

I don’t have 5.2.  I want to know if I can still get it. 

If you don’t have blobs saved for version 5.2 then you cannot get it.  The only version currently available without saved blobs is 5.3 and only a tethered jailbreak is possible running 5.3 at the moment. So you’re best to stay on version 5.1 which you are able to do an untethered jailbreak on.

This is untrue.


I accidentally upgraded from 5.1 (or was it 5.2) to 5.3 after mistakely thinking the JB for 5.3 was untethered two weeks back. I did not save my blobs or back up at all. In fact I had even uninstalled iTunes…


I googled the web and read threads here… I wish I wrote everything down… But a good start is to search for:




I just did it, I am at the latest untethered JB-- so I know it can be done… I also had to edit my HOSTS as well…A real PITA in Windows 8.


Good luck.


Just because you didn’t save your shsh blobs for version 5.2 doesn’t mean they weren’t previously saved somewhere.