Is there anyway to downgrade from 5.2.1 im not bothered if its a tethered jailbreak, i don’t have any blobs.



Can anyone help will pay £££

My understanding is without any blobs, no real way to downgrade.

However there may be a way you can tethered boot, which I’m trying to do now myself but unsuccessfully. You can try some of the suggestions here.


thethered 4.4.2 will be your only options

Well that is if you ever built a 4.4.2 build before.  I cannot get Seas0nPass to tethered boot 4.4.2 which is apparently because I never jailbroke that release myself in the past.   Unless there is a workaround, it’s exactly why I’m posing questions in the following thread.


If we can find a way to get around this, will get the 4.4.2 working for myself and topgunmatt (unless he already did JB 4.4.2, which then it’s a moot point).

EDIT: Well MightyJew was right. Found a work around on the seasonpass problem. http://forum.firecore.com/topic/10197

amazing find