5.2.1 unbroken how to get on 5.3 and jailbroken?

Hi I have been waiting 9 months for a new jailbroken untethered version to be made.  Last March I accidentally upgraded to 5.2.1  and I left the ATV2 unbroken, an have been using an android since.    How to I get the ATV2  to 5.3  ?   If I go to apple it will put me on a 6.0+ version right ?      I got 5.3  from the iclear site and tried to update using newest seasonpass ,   but at end of process it said unable to save firmware and left the apple tv 2 on 5.2.1.    Any recommendations on how to get to 5.3  untethered jailbroken.

Simply download the latest SeasonPass and run it and follow the instructions it gives.  That will download the 5.3 firmware, jailbreak it and install it.

Note that this will only work while Apple is still signing 5.3 (which could stop at any time), so you may not want to delay doing this if you intend to do it at all.

I have 5.2.1 with the teahtered jailbreak on my apple tv now and it works just fine. If I want to upgrade to 5.3 so I don’t have to boot it tehtered is the installation the same as above? Just run the new season pass and select 5.3 to download. Will I have to reinstall 1Channel and icefilms? (Wich seems to be a problem sometimes)

Running the latest SeasonPass and selecting the Create IPSW option will default to installing the 5.3 untethered jailbreak.

Re-doing the jailbreak wipes everything currently installed so you would need to reset up your apps from scratch again.