5.2.1 Airplay & Mirroring

My dad gave me his apple tv 2 yesterday which he hadn’t used for a year… kindly he thought it best to do a software update before he handed it over!

No worries, I wanted to give JB a try so did the tethered break of 5.2.1 and all working fine, except for airplay. I’m on a Macbook Pro so should work ok really. But there’s nothing in iTunes to send it, XBMC’s airplay doesn’t seem to work either.

Just wondering if this is a known problem? It’s not a massive issue but would be nice to get it working.



Airplay mirroring does not require JB to work on ATV2.

1- Make sure Airplay is enabled on your Apple TV. Go to Settings -> Airplay -> On

2- on your MBP, open System Preferences -> Display -> turn Airplay Mirroring from off to Apple TV



Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I have already done that. I have a VU box with airplay which is picked up by the Apple TV (to play the speakers through) so it seems that it is sending the signal, I turned off Airplay in XBMC as well in case it was conflicting. I’ll try it again this evening. 



Also watch out for working on separate networks. I couldn’t use airplay cause of this:

I have 2 routers (is that English?) in my house cause the signal downstairs is too little. So I put my ATV on the cable, which was a different network than my wifi.

Thanks, but I only have the one router and internet connection.