5.1 with xmbc

I have just used seasonpass on my apple tv 2 and have got through that okay but im struggling on the next step to install XMBC. Ive been on the xmbc site on this link http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=127369 and have tried to install it, however i am struglling. I cant seem to get my ssh client to work ‘putty’ and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to post a step by step manual on how to install the new xmbc on my apple tv 2.

i may be wrong but i read somewheres that xbmc doesnt work yet with the new apple 5.1 software .



They have got it working but they are still working through some bugs, last I seen it is available to load on the ATV through SSH

Xbmc does NOT work with 5.1 yet. 


Just copy and paste each of the lines posted in the thread in the XBMC link you posted, there is not other real instructions needed.


And yes it works for Apple TV2 iOS5.1

Installed yesterday under 5.1 - everything works fine. 8)

My ssh program wouldn’t work last time, putty wouldn’t allow me to type the atv password in

So you get past the username: root but it doesn’t accept alpine as
The password?

You wont see the password typed but it is there…

I typed into putty ‘ssh root @ YOUR.ATV2.IP.ADDRESS’ as my start up point and when the command line loaded in it asked for my password every time, i typed alpine in,  it came up with denied, i could not even see it typing in the words alpine

When you first open Putty you’re prompted with a dialog. In the Host Name simply enter the IP then click Open. In the SSH window then type in root as the username and alpine as the password. If it fails to connect are you sure you’re jailbroken?

This is what I do when I start Putty.


  1. Run Putty and enter your IP address of the Apple TV

  2. Make sure it is set to SSH

  3. You will get a terminal window pop up and ask you about a key, accept it

  4. Username: root hit enter

  5. Password: alpine hit enter

just make sure you spell alpine right you wont see the square move in password but it is writing

Which iOS are you running?

I know im jailbroken because the settings symbol is firecores

I will try your suggestions then and will test if they work