5.1 sources being output as PCM 4.1?

Good afternoon everyone, I have an odd issue. I’m wondering if I have something set-up incorrectly, not quite sure it is actually an infuse issue. Anyways I am running an Apple TV 4k 2022 version with a samsung qn85b and an onkyo nr696 receiver. Because my receiver doesn’t support HDR10+ or eARC I have had to create a work around using an HDMI eARC audio extractor. This works great with all sound formats using 7.1 and my receiver reports an input of PCM 7.1 as it should. However, when I select a source that is 5.1 my receiver is saying that it is receiving PCM 4.1, it does this with all formats, DD, DD+, DTS etc. When I connect the apple tv direct to the receiver I then get PCM 5.1 like I should. Do I have a setting incorrect in infuse that could be causing this? or is it more likely a hardware issue? My thought is its a hardware or EDID problem, but it seems really bizarre that 7.1 sources work just fine. I’m hoping with the collective knowledge here someone could point me in the right direction?

After looking at the specs on the Onkyo site your RX does handle ARC and HDR10 and when you plug the ATV directly into the RX things work correctly I’d wonder if you really need the added the eArc extractor. It sounds like it’s not fully compatible with the Onkyo and may be the cause of your issues.

I’m still running a RX that’s more than a handful of years old so I don’t have those capabilities. Could you tell me what eArc features do you require that ARC doesn’t offer?

The issue was I want HDR10+ which my receiver doesn’t support passthrough for, and ARC wont work with PCM 7.1, so I was trying to split the signal to get HDR10+ to the TV and full audio to the receiver. I did figure it out, I didn’t realize the extractor would extract the signal from the source without ARC or eARC, once I turned off eARC in the TV and on the extractor it works exactly how I want, although how its handling the EDID is a bit of a mystery. I am still curious why eARC wouldn’t work though, as it should have no issues passing PCM 5.1, it has to be either the TV or the extractor causing it.

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HDR10 (without +) is perfectly adequate, you won’t be losing anything substantial in running it direct.

With eARC switched off, the TV does a conversion to bitstream audio.With eARC switched on, the multichannel PCM signal is output to the AVR. If the AVR receives a 4.1 signal instead of 5.1, there is most likely a bug in the extractor’s firmware.

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