5.1 sound playing in 2.0

Hello everyone. The following media file only plays the sound in 2.0 even though the sound is in 5.1.
Infuse recognizes it as 5.1, it appears as 5.1 on the sound system but it only plays in 2.0. Does anyone know if this is a problem with Infuse, the Apple TV or the file?

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Is there more than one audio track in the file?


If you choose the second track does it do the 5.1?

Yes it does.

My google foo is not great but I saw a few references to A_AAC-2 and it appears that it’s used a lot for low bit rate audio to improve quality but it’s targeting stereo. I don’t know if that’s the case here but it fits.

I also saw an explanation like that on google, but I found it strange that all the programs say the sound is 5.1 but then it only plays in 2.0. That’s why I asked. Thank you

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You’re welcome, maybe someone more well versed in this will chime in and help us both! :wink:

Meaning you hear sound out of left and right speakers only, or a receiver device tells you it is only 2.0?

The receiver tells it’s 5.1. Infuse also tells it’s 5.1. But it plays in 2.0, only left and right speakers.

Sounds like it is the issue described on this thread Infuse plays stereo audio as 5.1

It could be an issue with the actual file. Perhaps a stereo track re-encoded as 5.1? In this case, Infuse would play it as 5.1, but since the L/R channels are the only ones that have audio data the other channels would be silent.

Is this happening with other files? Does it work if you switch to the second audio track?

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This doesn’t happen with other files and it works on the second audio track. I also think the problem lies with the file and not with Infuse or the Apple TV.


It’s possible that the 2.0 track is flagged as forced or default in the file. I used to have files that would have the wrong language or subtitles selected by default. If it’s an mkv file, you can open it with makemkv and it will display what is default or forced. You can also alter those options and re save the file to correct it.

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