5.1 HE-AAC Support

Is 5.1 HE-AAC support possible? I have a bunch of anime with its audio encoded with it. Can the AppleTV’s processor handle the decoding? Err, of course it can. It poorly downmixes the 5.1 to a 2.0 DPLII track on-the-fly. I mean, is it possible to decode a 5.1 HE-AAC track discretely and convert it to something that my receiver can handle, like AC3? I know that Dolby encumbers AC3 with patents, so such a feature cannot be included in the default installation for legal reasons. However, you could add the functionality, minus ac3enc.dll, and build a knowledge-base article on SSHing ac3enc.dll into the appropriate place.

I’m really doubtful that this is possible, though. It would take a bit of processing power to do this on-the-fly. If only I had a few hundred dollars to spend on a receiver capable of decoding 5.1 HE-AAC.

Oh, oh! Is it possible to discretely decode the 5.1 AAC file and output 5.1 PCM over optical? I don’t know if my receiver supports that, either, though. . .