5.1 AAC transcoding to AC-3 for chromecast

I have a several question about infuse

  1. As you know Chromecast now doesn’t support multi-channel 5.1 AAC and convert it to 2.0 PCM even Chromecast connected to receiver throw HDMI as I know.
    Does Infuse have a option to transcode on the fly 5.1 AAC to DOLY DIGITAL AC3 on the fly to send it to chromecast? Or when this option will appear in infuse for Chromecast?

  2. What about another transcode option like convert on the fly DTS to Dolby Digital (AC3) for Chromecast, because Chromecast also doesn’t support DTS.

  3. What about option for transcode Dolby Digital plus (e-ac3) to Dolby Digital for chromecast user whose haven’t a modern reciever with support Dolby Digital plus or whose only SPDIF input in the receiver for chromecast via audio extractor or tv optical output?

  4. When the internet browser for streeming chromecast will be available in infuse like in many other players for streaming?

Thank you.

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Moving to suggestions. :slight_smile: