5.1 AAC sound

Hi, i was wondering about playing non DD/DTS sound tracks in 5.1. Every time infuse plays some track in 5.1 it is downmixed to stereo PCM. When i used Plex it was ok, everything was converted to Multichannel PCM and my receiver played it in correct 5.1 form. Maybe it’s my fault, so thanks for suggestions.

Same here…

In my case, 5.1 sound it’s not working with any audio codec (DD, DTS, AC3, AAC…). Plex plays ALL my movies with 5.1, regardless of the audio codec.

I really love Infuse, but i can’t use it until this bug is fixed. And I really don’t like Plex for a number of reasons, but i’m having to use it for the same reason above. :frowning:

Thanks for replies. I was just wondering if it’s a problem on my side. For me, it’s not necessary but it will be fine to implement this function.

Well. 4.0.3 didn’t resolve this problem for me. Still getting 2ch sound with all my files, regardless of audio codec. And no one from Firecore even confirm this issue is being addressed.

Meanwhile I have to use Plex. Argh.

My 5.1 PCM also outputs at stereo.

We’re working on a number of improvements in this area for the upcoming 4.1 update.

Stay tuned. :wink:

This is music to my ears. Thank you and congratulations for all the work you’ve done with Infuse.