5.1.1 untethered error 1602

I got error 1602 when trying to jailbreak. i tried again but this time i used ifaith to pwn dfu. Still get 1602 error. atv boots up witht he jailbreak but i shouldnt be getting an error. any suggestions?

Are you saying that if you plug the HDMI cable the ATV2 comes up with the fireCore logo shoing?  If so the jailreaK has worked despite the error.   One reason people quite frequently get such an error is that they have the mains plugged in while doing the jailbreak.

Remove the power cable and jailbreak with just the USB cable plugged in.

as soon as the dfu mode is detected, remove the power cord if used to engage/enable DFU mode… then no error 1602, no issues at all, works great!!!