5.0.2 Jailbreak Question about seas0npass with ifaith.

I originally jailbroke my apple tv 2  to a teathered boot with seas0npass Version

then i used putty to ssh into the apple tv to give me XBMC/NitoTV.
It was fine. I always used the same laptop to teatherboot it. I sold the laptop then my headache began. I didnt realize that there would be much to do to reset up everything on a new laptop. So i downloaded the new verison of seas0npass and it dindt seem to think i needed a teathered boot at all.
I then made the mistake to try to rejail break it and everytime it would just not cooporate as itunes would fail with various errors.


So then I gave up and tried to use. iFaith.

I ran iFaith and it had my choose my blob file. I had 2 for some reason as the program i used to extrat the blob’s had 2. one of them was 5.0.2.

So i used that and had iFaith download a new IPSW and i used iFaith to combine the blobs to a new IPSW file. Then it verified that it was a signed and valid md5.


I then used that file it created to use itunes. it took alot longer for itues to give me a error which it was even a differnet number error but after that the AppleTV was booting to 5.0.2 unteathered but with no jailbreak.

So I have 2 questions.

  1. Is it normal to have 2 blob files? one was 5.0.2 and the other one was 6.x.x

  2. Does it sound like a good idea to run seas0ns pass now and choose 5.0.2 to create a new IPWS and try to get firecore back on the apple tv to jailbreak it?

or would I have to do something differnet to jailbreak it now? Despite spending hours and hours getting the apple tv back on track I feel very leary about trying anything else on it right now without asking first as I thought It was bricked until it go restored.

Any suggestions on which way to go to try to rejail break?

I’m planning tomomrw to go into seas0nspass and right click create ispw and choose the 5.0.2 then let it do its procedure.

then let it get to point where it wasnt to get into DFU mode

let itunes 10.7 (im using older verison as I have read that newer itunes tries to prevent people from jailbreaking there apple tvs.?!)restore NEW ispw file and then hopefully it will be a unteathered jailbreak?
Does that sound right?

I got it figured out!! Works like a charm now. Just had to ignore the error message at the end of itunes.