5.0.2 blobs without jailbreaking?

For reasons which are longwinded to go into*, I have an Apple TV 2, which I don’t want to jailbreak yet but I’m concerned about saving its shsh blobs ASAP since presumably iOS 6 will show up in the near future and Apple will stop signing the current 5.0.2.

The current TinyUmberalla does not work for aTV 5.0.2 (logs did not indicate any success, no blobs got saved). My planned route of jailbreak + aTV Flash requires that pesky jailbreak which will wipe the current settings (yes?) and I have a mac so iFaith is out.

First world problems I know, but is there anything I can do here without jailbreaking or waiting in the hopes that TU is updated before Apple stops signing? I don’t actually need the blobs to be grabbed from the device, just the currently signed 5.0.2 blobs would be fine by me.

For example: Does seas0npass obtain the blobs? If so, does it occur before the aTV is flashed? If so, how could I check this was successful?

What are my options?


*Basically: it’s logged in under the ex-wife’s account so I’d prefer not to lose the current iTunes account details until I’ve watched my purchased items. Yes she was ok with that, no I don’t have the password and I’d prefer not to contact her about it

:DDD it is not my business, but if she would be ok with that you are using her itunes acc and apple is charging her credit card for your joy, you probably could contact her for pass.
There is No way atm to save blobs without jb and atvflash firmware backup .

Call your ex.

Funny story btw…

Tsk! I’m not making new purchases. Just want to watch the old (iTunes Season Pass etc.) before I wipe the thing. Contacting will be a hassle, but if it’s a toss up between that or repurchasing after a JB I might just repurchase :wink:

Thanks for the info.

i heard somewhere that after jb you will be able to watch it again for free via xbmc addon, so don’t worry;)