5.0.2 -> 5.2..worth it?

I’ve got an aTV running 5.0.2 (4224) and aTV Flash 2.2 (all up to date) - is there any benefit to upgrading with the beta to the 5.2 version? I know 5.2.1 is tethered and I don’t want that. Don’t know if this is worth the bother…  :D

Don’t bother because you can’t update to 5.2 now without saved blobs, which I don’t see how it’s possible unless you were on 5.2 before and downgraded back to 5.0.2. It’s either stay on 5.0.2 or straight to 5.2.1 because Apple is no longer signing SHSH blobs for the versions in between.


I get that Tiny Umbrella didn’t do it entirely (I have blobs backed-up there) but then there’s the backup in Firecore - “Backup my firmware to the cloud” which “backs up Apple firmware signatures (SHSH) in the cloud”…doesn’t that cover me?

Not quite.

First you should try to understand what are SHSH blobs. Basically it’s a digital signature from Apple base on 3 things:
(1) Your device type (Apple TV 2)
(2) iOS version
(3) ECID (unique to each device)

If you are on ATV firmware 5.0.2 (iOS 5.1.1), the blobs you saved are for firmware 5.0.2 and can’t be used for other versions.
If you want to install firmware 5.2 (iOS 6.1), you need Apple to provide blobs for your device for 5.2 and since Apple no longer signs firmware 5.2 anymore, you can’t install.


Ah, okay - I was missing information in that matrix (MODS: Pin this!) 

As the system is working quite nicely, I’ll hold off and wait until 5.2.1 is untethered and running. Thanks for the info!

If you had ATV Flash installed and used the option to backup firmware signatures during the period when Apple was signing 5.2 firmware you may have ended up with 5.2 signatures on Cydia even though that was not the firmware you had on your ATV at the time.   Therefore it might still be worth checking what shsh blobs you have backed up.

Well I know I was backing them up to the cloud - how would I test for this? 

It sounds as if you have a working system with ATV Flash installed?   If so simply run the Maintenance option to backup firmware signatures and at the end it should show you which ones you currently have backed up on Cydia.

I do have a working system and, according to backups, and according to Maintainence > Settings > Manage Backups, I have a backup from Feb 13th 2013 and list of saved signatures (albeit dimmed) with iOS versions: 

4.3 (8F455)
4.4.2 (9A336a)
4.4.3 (9A405I)
4.4.4 (9A406a)
5.0 (9B179b)
5.0.2 (9B830)
5.0r1 (9B206f)
5.1 (10A406e) 

Seems I’ve been busy - hope this means I’m golden. 

Hi Bigbite, i have another  qustion regarding blobs : is there any difference whether blobs that were being saved before and after a jailbreak  ?

like when i was at Stock 5.2 i saved its blobs then after jailbreaking to 5.2 untethered do you think its necessary or still possible to save its 5.2  blobs again .

Thank you  

The sbsh blob is like a firmware ‘signature’ as it were that is specific to the version of firmware you’re using (which changes every update). You shouldn’t need to re-save the blob if you jailbreak, just make sure to keep the blob from the version you’re on in case you need to go back

when you make an ssh blob from one device through 0.92 can you use it on another aptv2?  im trying to jb another but ifaith failed to save blobs for it.  my question is can i use one that is save to jb another?  thanks (blob i saved was 5.0.2)

Thanks but that still hasn’t answered the question. Some may save blobs while still on stock firmware using ifaith , some saved by apple tv flash after the jailbreak. And some also  re-saved them after jailbreaking using ifaith . Any diiferences in the blobs or not?

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No you can’t, as explained before by Bigbite blobs saved is specific to your Apple tv2 device, your IOS version & ECID uniqe to each device.

yes i read that.  i just wanted clarification

taking a stab in the dark but Id have to say that a stock blob and a jailbroken blob would be different.  one would be sign able at the time and the jailbroken one would be a saved sig.