4th gen apple tv buffering with Infuse 5.6.9

Recently I am getting buffering every few mins when playing a Bluray mkv. The apple tv is connecting via wifi to Synology NAS. The apple tv and Infuse app (5.6.9) and Synology NAS are updated. If I play the file with the Infuse 4 app on the same apple tv there are no buffering issues.

We’re looking into a few cases of this and hope to have an update soon.

For now, you may try one of the tips found here.

I am getting the same buffering issues after the latest update. Previously changing the nas to use smb2 solved the problem. But now even that does not work. Like before I dont have any buffering issues if i use Infuse 4.

Did you try the “Legacy” SMB setting?

I tried setting Infuse to legacy but still have the buffering issue.

Hi there, I have Infuse 5.7 and I also have the buffering issue for 4K videos and some 1080p as well. I’m using 5th gen Apple TV 4K and FileZilla FTP.
Any help would be appreciated…

Are you using Wi-Fi or a wired connection?

Can you try connecting via SMB instead of FTP?

My Windows PC is wired and my Apple Tv is using WiiFi.
I’ll try wiring my Apple TV first because set a samba server or buy a NAS is not in my plans now. The FTP was working fine until now and it is a good solution to transfer files between PC/Macs and Phones.

I have my FTP sever and Apple TV wired now. Same issue with 4K videos.

I am using a WiFi connection. Note that I only have the buffering issues with infuse 5 if I use infuse 4 there are no buffering issues.

Hi all,

I confirm the continuous buffering with the latest Infuse 5 release.
With the previous release of Infuse 5, I have no issues with the same HW.
I have also tried to reinstall my previous Infuse 4 and it’s work perfectly without buffering.
The same movie (with the same HW) played with Infuse 5 has continuous buffering.

After days of tests, I confirm that this is an iInfise 5.
With Infise 4 all work flawless.

Any answer from the dev team?

I have an Apple TV 4K, it’s connected via Ethernet to gigabit network. Using the latest stable version of the app (5.7.4) I don’t get buffering only when I am using NFS. While using Samba I get constant buffering when playing 4K remuxes.
(Server is running Arch Linux)

So try connecting via NFS. It may have less overhead.
I haven’t tried FTP, but my wild guess is, it would be the slowest of these three protocols.

Hello, any news about the fix?

Thank you

Yes, you may try adjusting the SMB version as described in this guide.

Switching to Legacy will allow for the same SMB streaming that was available in Infuse 5.6.8.