4K transcoding


I have NAS Synology DS916+ and i will use it with :

  1. Plex Media Server for metadata management
  2. Infuse for the playback an Apple TV 4K

Is there e a use of DS Video ? Maybe my NAS is better in transcoding video than the Apple TV 4K ?


You don’t want to do any transcoding. Infuse connected to Plex won’t transcode, just directly play the file.

You’re NAS is questionable even transcoding 1080p via software, I would actually recommend using hardware transcode for 1080p using that processor. You sacrifice some image quality with hardware transcode, especially at low bitrates. Also, I don’t believe your N3710 processor can decode 10 bit HDR, only 8 bit. Also Plex doesn’t transcode to h.265 yet which presents a problem because in order to do 4k you really want h.265 instead of h.264 due to bandwidth concerns. So you don’t want plex to transcode 4k, you want it to direct play or direct stream.

I would try to watch things directly on Infuse with the apple tv 4k without using plex. The Apple TV 4k has the A10X Fusion processor which supports hardware decode of HVEC 4k 10 bit. It’ll hardware decode 4k, you just need a good wirelessAC or gigabit connection to the ATV4K.

Ok, any idea how to test it ?

I forgot to mention that DS Video, I’m assuming(since I don’t use Synology, I have Qnap), is able to transcode to h.265 4k. That’s my assumption, but it’s probably meant more for people with not so good client devices.

But to test, You can play back some videos with the ATV 4k and look at CPU usage on the NAS with your web browser. CPU transcoding would max out the CPU%, transcoding may only be about 30% or so CPU utilization. You can also test by opening the plex server app and enabling and disabling hardware transcode.

You can also install PlexPY(tauTulli) on your Synology NAS, it’ll tell you more details about the current stream, whether or not it’s being transcoded, direct played, or direct streamed. It’ll also show a little “HW” text on the stream to denote hardware transcoding instead of software transcoding. There was a simple install package for plexpy for QNAP, you’ll need to check the synology forums for PlexPy on there.

Using Samba, FTP or whatever to directly play without Plex and directly into Infuse would be <10% cpu utilization.

See #2

Using Infuse with new Plex integration there is no transcoding in Plex. Infuse will direct play everything. Just start watching a 4K file and check PMS currently playing screen…