4K Resolution > Apple TV Performance really slow?!

Hey ?
I bought a 4K OLED TV yesterday… (before that I used a Full-HD TV)

And after a few Tests I really was „shocked“ about the performance if the AppleTV is set to 4K Output Resolution ?

The Infuse-Interface is really stuttery and not smooth, the TV-Show Thumnails are loaded slowly (flashes during loading), the „All Movies“ Movie Posters are loading incredible slowly (if you scroll down, it loads the next posters but very slowly, you see always white Posters!) etc…

And the best joke:
With 1080p on my old TV I have NO Performance Issues in this form!

My question is:
Is this normal??? Do you also experienced this issues with 4K Output?

I don’t have a 4K display, but loading “TV Shows” library (not folder) posters have always been incredibly slow. By this, I mean to say that given two visible rows of six posters each, and one row of partially visible posters, it will take about 20 seconds to load every item in that current viewport, before I can then scroll down to the next batch of rows, only to wait another 20 seconds or so. This is not an exaggeration: sometimes it can take longer. This wouldn’t be as grating if there were titles underneath everything by default instead of on focus, and a right-side track that indicated what letter of the alphabet I’ve scrolled to, but given the existing behaviour, it’s very grating and a hindrance to discovering or seeking out content. “Movies” library posters, in contrast, are just present. There’s no loading; they’re just there, which is to say that it’s fast.

Is this only happening with the beta version? If not you may want to post this in the open forum for better exposure and ideas.

Either way, just be aware that when you take the 4K TV leap it’s a whole new ball game. When I first got mine, I had issues with similar video problems. After hours of trouble shooting I found a few things causing them. First, the HDMI cable. You REALLY need to make sure your cables are rated 4K and are good I had two identical brand new cables and one worked flawlessly and the other had video issues. I could literally fix and then recreate the problem just by switching between the two cables. Second, there’s a ton of settings on most 4K TVs that can cause issues. It took some tinkering to get the right balance of settings but it’s great now.

I’m now a happy camper with mine but it’s defiantly a learning experience.

I have tried every combination of settings ?
And I use a high speed cable from Belkin, so this could not be the problem…

But it seems this things come frome the native 4K GUI, it seems it’s poor performance in comparison to 1080p…
This happens to Infuse Beta and the App Store Release as well…

Hate to tell you but the two brand new in the wrappers cables that only one worked were belkin cables.

Hope it all works out for ya.

I have an Oled LG B6 ‘All Movies’and ‘All TV Shows’ load mostly instant for me, although blank posters do show for a fraction of a second for TV Shows, maybe it depends on size of library? since I only have 250 Movies and 600 episodes.

The TVOS in general, for me, is not very smooth when scrolling, this isn’t just an infuse problem though you can see it in Netflix as well, a small stutter when scrolling. Also some people can be more susceptible to judder than others.

The Only annoying part I see in infuse is the default favourites icons artwork flashing up for a split second, when items are loading on the infuse homepage.

Make sure your Tv doesnt set itz hz to 24 or 30… that will make the menu seem slow and stuttering…

ive tried it once and it made the difference when i went from setting 24 ghz in the apple tv settings and increasing the HZ… to 50-60… much faster in the menu, and then activate the “adjust automatically” then it will switch hz when you play some video

I have an OLED C7 which is working perfectly with Infuse.

Everything is smooth and quick… I am using a NAS with Plex to Infuse. Everything works almost instantly from pressing play to scrolling through a hundred films…

Backend is all over Cat6 with managed switch and bonding on the NAS.

Yes but remember, I don’t mean the output frequency is stuttering!

I mean only the overall performance of tvOS and Infuse… ?
With 1080p it seems the whole GUI is faster! (Loading All Movies, Loading TV Shows etc)

What’s your ATV 4K set to? It’s recommended to be set at 4K SDR 60 (match dynamic range and frame rate ON) for oled. Here’s a video explaining it.

Same is happening to me after I upgraded my tv to 4K.

Did you solve this issue?

Welcome to the forum!

Have you tried the offered solutions such as trying new cables? Checking that the correct display options are set?

Hey ?
I have not solved this issue…
I have tried new cables, but this doesn’t help!
But I have returned my 4K TV (by other reasons) and used an FullHD TV instead!
=> With FullHD Resolution it was a little bit faster ?

This Problem exactly describes my „White Posters“-Issue which I have written on the Beta-Forum!

This Issue has something to do with the Memory usage of Infuse on the AppleTV!!!
With 4K Resolution it takes even more RAM than only FullHD!
And it would be funny to see what happens with a 4K Resolution and Infuse 6 ?

James, you have to optimize the Artwork-Loading (Custom Artwork first) and the Memory usage to avoid White Flashes (White Posters) and reloading…

Just kindly reminder, what’s the OLED TV, please ensure to use HDMI2/HDMI3 if you are using Sony TV, enabling the enhanced HDMI feature from TV setting.

On my ATV, the UI get not smooth if set to 4K@24fps, just like your issue. With 4K@60fps output it is pretty good.

For clarification:
It’s not the tvOS itself or a low Output Framerate, what is here the problem ?
It’s the Infuse GUI on tvOS, which need to be optimized for lower RAM consumption and better Poster-Caching in some Cases.

It seems the Infuse GUI on a 4K Output takes even more RAM than a FullHD Output…
And that is why „White Posters“ are flashing (or get refreshed) always again…

how many apps have you open on ATV? may close some to keep only Infuse active and have a try…

I have only Infuse open ?

The flashing is often short (during Scrolling „All Movies“ etc) and maybe not everyone notice it at the first look.
But I remember on the 4K TV it was noticeably more flashing visible than with FullHD Output!

if you’re talking about the custom images, yes, there is an issue that I reported as well, at least for the favourites’ icons. Infuse first loads the default ones, and then it loads the custom icons, causing the flashing. It’s a small glitch in the code, it should replace the icons (forgetting about the default ones, just stored in case of resetting to default) and not reload the custom icons above the default ones.

Everything else with my 4K HDR Sony Bravia is as fluid in Infuse as in all other apps.Sure there might be some flashing here and there when first loading a poster, but remember that images for 4K displays may have up to 4 times the resolution (so they would take up to 4 times to load from SSD/flash memory).

Then I wouldn’t worry about v6. It’s supposed to optimise things, not to make them worse! :smiley:

Sure the first couple of release might have few glitches. But I imagine the whole experience will be superior, also in terms of performances.

This is exactly what I mean :wink:
The „Flashing“ on Favorites or Loading a TV-Show (Thumbnails), loading „All Movies“ etc…

This Bug has been introduced some time ago (before everything loads without „Flashing“!)…

But I think it’s easily to fix, like you said simply to load the „Custom-Artwork“ first instead of „Default-Artwork“ (White Poster, Favorites, colorful Genre-Artwork etc)! And some optimizations on the Code for Memory usage… :slight_smile:

Yeah, a fix wouldn’t take much. Once defined a custom image the code should point the new one since the beginning. But I suppose the developers have much more important things to care about, like the delivery of v6! :slight_smile: