4K Playback Constantly Gets Apple Spinner

That’s what I did too and I don’t have any issue. Lucky me :slight_smile:
I’ve had intermittent buffering issues when streaming from a OneDrive though (although the data throughput should be more than enough) - maybe it’s the way Infuse deals with some network circumstances?
You could also test by switching the Apple TV between Ethernet and WiFi. Ethernet is usually more stable than WiFi but sometimes the opposite is true. WiFi can have intermittent throughput reduction, especially 5Ghz, or if you are in a crowded WiFi area (if you live in an appartment, you most certainly are).
Infuse and the Apple TV’s OS should handle these variations well, but maybe they don’t.

It seems that the Plex DLNA server transmits the original media so if it works well for you it’s all good!

I don’t have an issue seeing my library using the Plex DNLA share but I do have one issue with it. I store my 4K/HDR demo videos in “Other Videos” on the Plex server and Infuse selects metadata from various movies for a few of them and puts them in the movie category with incorrect names and thumbnails. With an SMB share I can long press the folder in Infuse and choose to use local metadata which puts everything in the right place with the right thumbnails but I can’t do that with Plex and DNLA. Has anyone found a solution to this with DNLA?