4k on Apple TV 4th gen(non 4k)

Hello!. I have an Apple TV 4th gen without the 4k. I have it connected to a computer monitor at the moment that is 32" and supports max 1080p res. I use infuse pro 6. The video stutters a lot while playing and sometimes the audio continues to play and the video is stuck in the same place. I tried both lan and wifi(both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz). Same results. When I play the same 4k video on my iPhone 11 infuse pro app it does play though. I did screen mirroring to the Apple TV and then it plays. The only issue is I cant control the video through my Apple TV remote when I do this. The video is HEVC codec. Is there something else I could do? Please help.

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The ATV4 (non 4K version) just doesn’t have the processor horsepower to handle many 4K files. It can only output 1080p and it really tops out there. You could re-encode the video to 1080p if you want to run it on the gen 4 ATV. Otherwise, you’re limited to purchasing a 4K model or waiting for whatever the “new” ATV has to offer when it gets announced.

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Specifically the A8 processor in the ATV is not able to decode HEVC files natively. Thus infuse is using software decoding which is quite slow and cannot keep up with 4K content.

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Thanks much for the quick response. :blush:

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