4k - No Atmos - Avg Plex Server


I don’t find the time on weekend to find everything by myself and I’m sorry to open a thread for such purpose.

Here is my issue at this moment.

My 4k collections is growing and we can’t watch it on our Plex TV client as it is highly lagging.

Remux 4k seems to be transcoded all the time from Plex server.

Compressed 4k are working but since, we are french we need at least EN subtitles to cope with the zillions actor’s English accents.
There lie my issue. We have .srt, PGS and probably others type of format of subtitles, and we would need to read the movies without transcoding.

So I heard about Infuse App.

The current set up is a 4k TV and an old AV / receiver not supporting recent audio codec (DTS the latest at the time).
The AV receiver is connected with an optical cable to the TV and the TV sends the sounds through PCM to the AV receiver.

We are heavily on Mac at this moment and an AppleTV 4k makes sense in our home but I don’t want to pay for something that will not bring us any value which would be to read the 4k movies flawlessly

We will be changing the AV receiver within a year and opt for an Atmos set up but not for now.

The Plex server is a gaming type PC with 6 cores / 12 threads Intel i7 and a GTX1070. Needless to say that I have no GPU accel, and the CPU saturates in a heartbeat while transcoding 4k to 4k

SO my question is:

  • Is there a way to read 4k movies with subtitles without lags using AppleTV at the current moment ? (no Atmos passthrough from the big thread i read). If yes, how ? What Shall I do to make it work? I’m eager to do anything to make it work properly.

  • Or shall get around the learning curve on handbrake and convert all the movies to a decent 1080p quality?

Cheers to you all.

Welcome to the forum!

Infuse will in fact allow you to stream 4K video with subtitles without any trouble, and will work with or without Plex. All the playback duties are handled on the Apple TV itself, and all your PC (or other source device) needs to do is act as a simple file server. In fact, we have a number of users who stream videos from a USB hard drive connected to an AirPort Extreme, which has no transcoding abilities whatsoever.

FYI, the biggest limiting factor in your setup is going to be the audio, as with an optical cable you are limited to 6ch of lossy (AC3) audio, or 2ch or uncompressed (PCM) audio. With your current equipment, I’d recommend leaving Infuse’s audio setting set to Auto, but change the Apple TV’s to Dolby Digital. More info on these can be found here. Audio Options (tvOS) – Firecore

A bit more info on connecting with Plex, or another device can be found here. Getting Started – Firecore

Also, you can try out all of the Infuse Pro features for full month when downloading the free Infuse 5 app. https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1136220934

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: