4K movies stuttering on Apple TV 4th Gen

I have a custom built NAS PC with Plex Server running on. On my current Apple TV 4th Gen I use the Plex app, and it played flawlessly all my 1080p movies. Recently I started moving my movies collection to the 4K format; however, I still have a 1080p TV and the original Apple TV. Plex cannot map HDR to SDR yet. Then I google and found out about Infuse, and heard so many great features about it (HDR to SDR for 1080p TV). I bought the $0.99 trial to test it out!

Now my Apple TV is on the latest firmware and using Wifi with a 5 ghz AC connection. Now when I play 1080p movies everything is fine except for 4K movies. Those 4K movies are stuttering/lag very much. I even set my Apple TV with frame rate matching, turn off subtitle…etc.

Do I need to get the new Apple TV 4K because the original is too weak for 4K content? I cannot upgrade my 1080p TV until couple more years; thus I want to use Infuse for the HDR → SDR feature. Plus I love the Infuse iOS app, it’s much better than the Plex app.

Thank you

First, I would bring a laptop to the same spot you have the apple tv and connect o the wifi and make sure you can play the movie with the laptop without stutter. Just to make sure the connection is good enough.

If that checks out, then it’s probably because the ATV4(1080p) has to use software decode to play H.265 HEVC content. I’m using it to play 3mbps H.265 1080p content which it handles just fine, but I imagine 4k might give it some issues. If you get the ATV 4k, it has hardware H.265 HEVC decoding. So it should handle all that content no problem.

The cheapest way to buy the ATV 4k is to sign up for 3 months of DirectTV now. You prepay for 3 months ($105) and they give you a free apple TV 4k. So your total damage is $105, plus you get to use their service for 3 months if you’re a cord cutter. I used Paypal and after I recieved my ATV 4k, I went into paypal and deauthorized any future payments to direct tv now. I also set a google calendar reminder to cancel a week before my subscription is up.

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It’s not my router/wifi issue because I have the AC router and when I do speedtest.net I get up to 150 Mbps.

I think I’ll get the Apple TV 4K then since you said it’s hardware decode instead of software decode. I played a 1080p H264 10bit movie and some part Infuse is struggling with lag/stuttering too. That movie has subititle and FLAC audio so maybe it contribute to more processing power from Apple TV 4th Gen?

I’m migrating to 4K movies nowadays so hopefully the Apple TV 4K will solve my problem with HDR → SDR and no lag.

Yea, I think that’s what your problem is. The Apple TV 4 has the Apple A8 chip, but you need Apple A9 or higher chips to do hardware h.265 decode. The ATV 4k has the A10 fusion chip.

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Most 4K content will in fact require the Apple TV 4K. As already mentioned, this model features hardware support for HEVC video, which will be required to play most files above 1080p.

Infuse running on the Apple TV 4K will still support HDR > SDR conversion, so you can connect to just about any TV.

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Really love the app than the Plex one because it makes the Apple TV decodes the movies (plus HDR → SDR) instead of my Plex server. I have a powerful Plex server (Xeon cpu + 16gb RAM) and I watch movies with subtitle on all the time, and sometimes Plex app still struggling…

I will end my $0.99 Infuse trial for now, and until I get the Apple TV 4K I will definitely purchase the pro version. Thanks and keep up!

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