4k local AppleTV 4k Buffing issue

I’ve been using infuse since the very beginning.
I’ve recently got into downloading 4k remux movies.
I believe they were working fine a few weeks ago, but after today I’m seeing buffering.

Ok We are running on AppleTV 4k
I usually connect to my Drobo 5n NAS over SFTP and usually works fine.
But I believe with the last update I started getting buffering, but I could be wrong there. Before that update, I had 4k movie here and there. However, I used to keep the 2-3 on my Dropbox account.

So here is the interesting part. It seems to work fine from Dropbox, with no buffing at all.

So I thought ok maybe it’s my Drobo. I put that same file on my 2017 iMac and low and behold I still get buffing issues. Ok so then was like maybe something is up with SFTP, so I used SMB on the iMac and Drobo and had same results.

It’s bizarre it would work over the internet with Dropbox without issue but on a local network (by the way, everything is Cat6) I’m getting buffing issues.

I also have the latest Kodi sideloaded on the same AppleTV, and it can play the same file of SFTP via iMac or Drobo without issue.

Can you confirm that this is a bug?

Sorry for the trouble. We’re not aware of any widespread issues in this area, but if you have a chance, can you try connecting via SMB and adjusting the SMB version to see if this makes a difference for you?

Hi there, I also have been using infuse since the very beginning. I have the latest version for 4K Apple TV and I also have the buffering issue for 4K videos. I have been using FileZilla FTP without issues until now. I don’t want to change my Windows FTP because is practical to me to share files in my local network between PCs/Macs and phones.
Is this an issue that you’re currently working on ? or we shouldn’t wait for a fix shortly.

Any help would be appreciated.

Just to clarify, are you using a 4th gen Apple TV or an Apple TV 4K? Technically the 4K is the 5th gen ATV but in your other post you said you were using a 4th gen ATV. Or are you running one of each with the same problems?

Also, how is your ATV connected to the network? WiFi or Ethernet? Many times with the higher bit rate files as in 4K video and some encodes of 1080p WiFi can falter and Ethernet cables can show their weaknesses.

James thanks for getting back to me.

I did mention I tested with SMB however I wasn’t aware you can chance the SMB version.
I will try this tonight when I get home from work and report my findings in the moring.

Hi all,

I had buffering with the iso / remux UHD and my NAS/SMB in my case, I registered in the beta program on Apple TV 4K, after that i have updated my apple TV 4K with the latest FW Beta available and this solved my problem.

See you

I have 5th Gen Apple TV.
The Windows PC (FTP server ) is wired. Apple TV is using WIFI.
I can try to wire my Apple TV as well but it was working fine before using WIFI.

I have my FTP sever and Apple TV wired now. Same issue with 4K videos.

Did you try a new cable for the server to the switch?

Tested with a new cable from my windows FTP server to the switch. Same issue.

Did you try to change smb type ?
In my case with smb3 I have issue with my 2 NAS, but since the smb choice is available, I have chosen smb 2 and everything is OK :wink:
With auto I had issue :wink:

I don’t have a Samba Server or NAS. Looks like this is the only solution to the buffering issues.

Sorry my post was for tfraley :wink:

I’ve been slammed at work, I have yet to have a chance to test it.
Been pretty much crashing when I have gotten home.

If not tonight… the weekend is here I will no doubt have a chance to test.
Thanks for the feedback, it gives me some faith it will work.