4K HEVC - slow frame rate

Plex server- latest (windows 10 server)
Infuse - Apple TV 4K, all up to date

I have noticed some slowdowns, the frame rate will lag. When watching 4k content. This has been happening for a while, not only on 4K but various types of media.

It will usually happen at the same scenes every time, I have tried turning on Match Content but it did not help.

I know you said “up to date” but could you provide the version numbers for Infuse and the tvOS? Also have you done a speed test from within the Infuse app for this video?

tvos 14.2
Infuse pro 6.5.4

Here are my speed test results

Do you have both Match Frame Rate and Dynamic Range turned on in the ATV settings?

Your speeds sure look good enough that you wouldn’t be seeing a speed lag.

Also, some TVs have a smoothing setting that will cause what you’re saying too so that may be part of the problem.

It happens on multiple TVs so I don’t think the issue is the tv. I have tried match content on and off but it hasn’t helped my main tv is 4K but not hdr

Guess there isn’t going to be anything from the devs about this issue?

Seriously? Nothing?

Is this happening with all files, or just a few?

Can you try updating to 6.5.7 and restarting the Apple TV?

If the issue persists, please send in a diagnostic report (via Infuse > Settings).

Uploading one of the problematic videos could also be helpful. Samples up to 20GB in size can be uploaded here.

I just uploaded the file to you


You mentioned it happens consistently in certain scenes. Can you provide the approximate time/scene for the video you uploaded?

During the wall invasion/climbing is when I noticed the majority of it

No response on this?

Strictly a suggestion but in order to keep the devs from having to sit and watch the movie looking for a scene and guessing if that is the one or is there another similar scene maybe provide the time stamp along with the scene so they can just scroll to the time?

The scene is only 7 minutes in