4k HEVC on a Non-HDR TV, is it worth it?


As a lot of people… I’m a proud owner of a 4k Non-HDR Television and always wanted to know what it’s better to get the best experience…

BR 1080 or 4K HEVC BR?

I know infuse will convert the HDR to SDR… so it will be better the 4k due to the resolution, isn’t it?

Yes. You get higher resolution plus 10bit colour. Additionally when you do get a HDR tv you won’t need to re-acquire all your previous movies in HDR.

Do you mean 4K HDR on a 4K non HDR TV instead of 4K HEVC?

HEVC and HDR are two different animals. HEVC is a standard for video compression and HDR deals with contrast of lights and darks and color handling along with a ton of other picture quality adjustments.

Sorry… i wanted to say 1080 nonHDR vs. 4k HDR on a 4k nonHDR television.
I’ve no plans to buy a 4k hdr asap but i want to know if there’s any difference between 4k or 1080 (without HDR) for the normal people :slight_smile:

Thought so but just wanted to check. :wink: If it helps, even with 6+ decade old eyes the difference between 1080p and 4K is amazing. HDR is nice but defiantly not (at least for me) worth getting a new TV just for that feature.

But what i don’t understand (sorry for my ignorance)… is that most of 4k content is HDR… so in my case Infuse will convert HDR to SDR, isn’t it? and is there any problem or any quality downgrade with that? if not… i will definetly go for the 4k hdr content… it will cost more or less like the 1080.

I think it’s just because HDR is becoming so prevalent and most of the newer 4K TVs support HDR. The picture you get with SDR is still outstanding and still has 4K resolution so it will be a great picture. Many people feel the HDR is a subjective change and may or may not be to your liking. On top of that there are movies that some of the HDR supporters have claimed don’t really take advantage of HDR and it makes no noticeable difference.

IF I put on my magic future viewing glasses I’m seeing 1080p fade greatly and 4K being the new “standard” for disk media. That is until the 8K TVs get rolling in mass and then THAT will be the only thing to have.

I’d go with 4K videos if you have a 4K streamer and a 4K disk player. I have an ATV4K connected to a 1080p TV and the 4K videos look outstanding at 1080P.

My second TV is a LG 4K non HDR tv and infuse does a good hdr to SDR conversion. Just remember to turn on frame rate conversion and turn off dynamic range matching.

Where do i have to made that changes? tv options or infuse setup?

Everything is set in Apple TV settings. Set TV resolution is 4K SDR and make sure match frame rate is on (dynamic content off). Infuse automatically handles everything else.